Monday, 23 May 2016

My Ideal Char Dham Yatra

My fascination towards the snow capped mountains and the mesmerizing beauty of the sizzling Ganga river emerging through the glacier transformed me to a person who I never knew for 20 years. So vacation and traveling to different places is just not fun for me but much more of self realization!!!
Mighty Himalayas
When does one really get to know ourselves better? At times I thought the tough times have made me realize how strong and capable I am. But I got to know myself in one of the unplanned vacation that I went. I never knew trekking through the mountains could be so much fun, thrilling and peaceful. I have traveled to most of the famous hill stations and cities for various thrill rides so far. The trekking through the sacred places of char dham was one of happy ride so far. Since then i want to trek, trek and trek more. The lonely times with the cool breeze made me free of my stress, worries, wrong misconceptions and hatred. I understood that nature has everything we seek for!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 - Deals for all your Online Shopping!

Everyone love to shop and they love it more when you get great deals and offers while purchasing their favourite branded items. Gone are the days when we roam around to many shops for the best rates with the modern online shopping made easy with the touch of your fingers. 

Online shopaholic’s are on rise who don’t even use their laptop’s but smartphones to shop easy with great deals. If you are one, read on to know more and I am sure you won’t regret knowing this site.

For some we have few trusted online sellers from who we always buy and we believe their quality and offer provided. Online shopping gives easy returns, exchanges and refunds gaining customers confidence. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

A Tablet with Plenty of Style: ASUS ZenPad 7.0 Z370CG Review

ASUS has launched one of the best Android tablet with sleek design and finish. Recently ASUS had sent me this tablet ASUS ZENPAD 7 which is of great use for me to carry around anywhere without hassle to check my mails and easily socialize online with their fast connectivity, functionality and performance. Loving to write this review and Thanks ASUS for giving me this opportunity.

According to ASUS it is a perfect premium tablet for both work and entertainment. So, is it worth buying? Read on to know more...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Deliciously Spicy Hot Chicken Farfalle Arrabbiata !!!

On those rainy nights or the busy nights after work, a plate of pasta with white sauce or tangy tomato makes an delectable dinner with your loved one. One such comfort food anytime in my kitchen!!!!

My Love for Italian Cuisine
My friends love Italian as much as I do and they would wonder how frequent and quick I make these yummy treats. Cooking your plate of pasta is an art which when mastered you could just explore unique tastes each time. I would throw in my favorites, simmer the sauce and load with cheese. Sounds so simple? 

Yes, the combinations are endless. I must thank my husband who took me for an Italian dinner in our first date when I fell in love with the flavours of it. From then on, I would find ways to have Italian and he clearly understood how much I loved. One rainy and cold evening, we were craving for something very spicy and that's when I first made pasta with Indian twist. It was big hit in our family and then on my experiments with pasta have pleased my taste-buds.

Meaning of Arrabbiata
The word Arrabbiata means Angry in Italian and as the Arrabbiata sauce is hot and spicy and also ones reaction to it while eating. A good sauce makes a great pasta. Being a spice lover, I have used Arrabbiata sauce for farfalle.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Eat Right

Women love their skinny figures and tend to go on crash diets to achieve it. At times I wonder why I am not among the 90% of the women who keep worrying about their figure. I don't think whether I am fat or moderate or skinny. But I am more concerned on whether I am consuming an healthy and balanced diet. 

My view is everyone wants that skinny figure and go to extend of eating poor diet called as the "Crash Diets" by cutting down on calories and the nutrients. Some would pay pounds to gyms or Pilates to maintain their skinny figure even with the crash diet.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Smelly to Smiley Home - Ampi Pur Air Effects!!!

Being a food blogger , round the clock the kitchen works while I make my routine menus, try a new recipe, bake a cake or grill chicken at any convenient time. Snacks and non veg are favourite of my husband and me, so we do all late night ventures while trying hands on some new recipe or making large batch of snacks for a party or get together. At times, when I am not able to clean, it leaves my kitchen very messy and odour when left uncleaned till morning. I won't have the feel to use kitchen in the morning due to unpleasant smell. I definitely can't wait for my maid who comes late morning for work, but have to prepare our breakfast.

Friday, 22 May 2015

First Anniversary Event Giveaway Winners!!!

My little blog has turned one today and I am so grateful for the love and support from my co-bloggers. The event turned out amazing with lot of entries. Thanks to all the bloggers who participated and turned this a great event. 

The winner of the First Prize is

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

First Blog Anniversary Celebration Event with Giveaway!!!

I am so happy to be blogging by god's blessing and meet amazing people in this one year of my blogging journey. I am so thankful to my husband and my mom who have given me the full support and strength to go on and on. I am so grateful to the wonderful people I met through this virtual world. More than my personal experience and growth, I am glad and happy to have learned a lot from you all. I truly enjoy learning new recipes, the food styling, presentation and the story each recipe carries from every blog.