Saturday, 24 May 2014

Butter Beans Gravy

Its been a very long time since I watched any good movies, so planning a movie for the friday night. After a very busy weekend with Chennai's harsh summer and frequent power cuts in night which is enough to test the patience of a saint I am to make a easy and healthy gravy!!! However, We at home make sure we enjoy the seasons best with juicy mangoes, luscious watermelons, and the best is my hubby's everyday evening snack "Ice Cream" . Like it or not...Its summer summer!!!

Whenever I see butter beans gravy for rice, I would like, huh, no, I wished my mom could have made chappathi. But this being my bro's favourite how could she consider me?? Of course I too like it, but better with rotis.

This easy recipe is now hot in my kitchen too... 

Recipe Category: South Indian
Preparation Time:  5 mins Cooking Time: 20 mins Serves: 2
Adapted from: Moms cookbook
Oil 2 tbsp
Small Onion 1 cup (finely chopped)
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp
Chilli Powder 3 tsp
Salt As Required
Butter Beans 1 cup 
Water 1 cup
Coriander Leaves 1 tsp (finely chopped)
To grind and paste:
Coconut Flakes 3 tbsp
Fennel Seeds 3 tsp
Water As required for fine paste

Method of Preparation:
1. Grind coconut and fennel seeds into a fine paste with water. Keep aside.
2.Heat oil in pressure cooker, add small onions, and saute till slightly browned. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt. Saute for two minutes in SIM.                                                              

3.Add the coconut paste and then the washed butter beans. Add the required water.  Let it simmer for two mins, then close and pressure cook for two whistles in medium flame. Once pressure releases, open and add coriander leaves. Keep in low flame for five minutes or until the water reduces.
  • I used fresh coconut to make it very tasty, you can substitute with dry coconut also.
  • Pressure cook only for 2 whistles maximum and then simmer, as it gets mashy if overcooked. 
  • You can use fennel or cumin while grinding coconut paste. 

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