Friday, 30 May 2014

Chikku Milkshake

how to make chikku milkshake at home, easy milkshake recipes

Dad sent me home lots of chikku from home. I remember tasting a piece or two when my mom and bro eat. Now, I have a dozens of them to eat. Well, the easy way to enjoy the fruit was to make it a juice. I gave it a shot without any sweeteners. Yumm!! It kept me full that I had a reason to skip my breakfast. 

Next easy thing is Milkshake, here goes the delicious recipe of the drink!!!

Recipe Category: Beverages/Milkshake
Preparation Time:  5 minutes Time: 5 minutes Serves:2
Chickku 4 Skin peeled, deseeded, chopped roughly
Cold Milk 2 Cup
Sugar/ Honey As required

Add the chopped chikku pieces in blender, add milk and sugar required for taste. Blend for one minute. 

Best for a filling snack. Healthy option!!!

how to make chikku milkshake,easy milkshake recipes

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