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Homemade Chilli Garlic Paste Recipe | How to make chilli garlic paste at home

How to make chilli garlic paste at home

Chilli Garlic Paste is one of the best flavours of our kitchen. The paste added in any curry does enhance the flavours to different levels. The best use of this paste in my kitchen is to for chicken 65!!! My mom's recipe which we love so much!!!

The aroma from this twinkles everyone's taste buds. Whenever I make this, my neighbour pattima asks what special dish I have made with garlic....She loves garlic so much that she gets very interested and starts talking about the goodness of garlic in our food.
In most of Chinese dishes you find this a basic keeper recipe. Instead of store bought pastes and sauces, homemade is best.

Homemade Chilli Garlic Paste
Makes: Approx. 1/2 cup    Time: 1 hour
Whole dry kashmeri red chillies                  20-24 deseeded
Garlic                                                       20-22 cloves
Water                                                       As required for smooth paste


I have used whole dry red chillies after deseeding as we prefer a less spice version.

Soak the red chillies in enough warm water for at-least an hour. Drain the chillies, add the roughly chopped garlic and blend in a mixer until smooth, sprinkling enough water to blend in smoothly.

We can store this in deep freezer for about a month. Just like our homemade ginger garlic paste this too comes in handy while preparing non vegetarian items. 

  • Store the paste in an air-tight container in the deep freezer. 
How to make chilli garlic paste at home


  1. useful post.....

  2. Looking at the pics I am tempted to say yummy :))) you made chillies appear so tempting with those photos :))

  3. luks very spicy , can we use this for veg curry ?

    1. You can replace the red chilli pow or green chilli with this. It gives a nice and very aromatic flavour when sauted in oil. It comes very handy while preparing instant dishes

  4. wow... great handy and spicy recipe..


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