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Honey Amla

Indian Gooseberry 

Gooseberry is rich source of vitamin C in raw and cooked form. A typical serving of gooseberry is said to amount for quarter portion of adult requirement.

Gooseberries are also a useful source of soluble fiber. They are low in calories. Most like its bitter taste, but now its mostly consumed with sweet which makes it an high calorie dessert.
The Amla juice was once believed to cure all the inflammations. Also the leaves were regarded as being very wholesome and corrective for the small stones formed in the urinary tract. The infusion of dried leaves is believed to be a tonic for growing girls if taken during periods.
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Health Benefits Of Indian Gooseberry/ Amla/ Nellikai
  • Being a rich fibrous fruit it greatly helps in digestion
  • Vitamin C and anti oxidants improves skin health
  • Regulates and controls blood sugar levels
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Helps in weight loss
I love to take this Amla in honey very much daily in the morning. Its a very healthy and simple recipe. Its easily available in bottles at supermarkets. But i prefer the home made fresh ones always. I initially started taking this because of my hair loss. I stayed up for years away from home and living with restaurants food, its when i realised missing the healthy part of my food. This simple recipe was introduced to me by my lecturer whose wife was a dietitian. He emphasised the importance of consuming Honey Amla to flesh out the toxins from body and to stay rejuvenated always. 

Honey Gooseberry Recipe:


Amla/ Indian Gooseberry --- As required for a month
Honey - Pure

  1. Wash all the gooseberry in running water.Dry them completely using a tissue paper.  Cut them into wedges with knife. Discard the seed. Once all the gooseberry is cut, transfer them into an glass/ airtight container layer by layer.    
  2. Add honey on the top of first layer, then keep another layer of gooseberry and add honey until all the gooseberry is done. Adding honey layer by layer ensures even spreading of the honey around the gooseberry. Now gently shake the container and leave it closed. Each day keep the container exposed to sunlight for an hour. It slowly starts to shrink leaving water, which makes the honey look watery day after day. After 10-15 days your Honey gooseberry is ready for consumption. It  has high nutritious benefits when combined with honey, consume a piece with a spoon of honey and enjoy !!!


  • I used pure honey brought from an organic store in coorg. It tastes original. Store bought honey is not recommended for making this.


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