Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mango Buttermilk

how to make mango buttermilk, mango lassi recipe
Fresh juices, fruit salads and tender coconut seem to score high marks in summer. On top is always our traditional drink "Buttermilk". My amma makes Amla Buttermilk and Carrot Buttermilk from which I have tried giving a twist for buttermilk with mango. It turned out great too!!! Try yourself and let me know. Your valuable feedback is very important for a amateur blogger like me!!

Recipe Category: South Indian
Preparation Time:  3 mins Time: 5 mins Serves: 4
Mango 1 Medium Sized, Chopped
Curd 1 Cup
Water 2 Cups
Salt 1/2 tsp

how to make mango buttermilk at home, mango lassi recipe
  • In a blender, add mango pieces and make a puree. Add curd, salt, water and just process few seconds until its combined well. Keep in fridge for 30 minutes or more and serve chilled. 
  • You can try making it spicy by grinding green chillies with it. 
  • You can store chopped mangos in fridge for making buttermilk or juices immediately. Always store in non metal containers, because when stored in metal containers they may get discoloured. 
how to make mango buttermilk at home, mango lassi recipe


  1. mango buttermilk looks delicious.

  2. Buttermilk looks delicious. You have a yummy blog here....love it!

  3. Tried this Mango buttermilk today... It tasted sooooo good :)

    1. Thanks alamelu...n thanks very much for sending the picture.


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