Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mango Halwa

Halwa is a very delectable Indian sweet which is relished always. Mango halwa is a more more delicious halwa made with pure mango pulp and the richness of ghee. It just melts in your with the crunchiness of the fried cashew-nuts.

Super Tempting Mango halwa is a real treat for mango lovers!!!

Recipe Category:Sweets
Preparation Time: 5 minutes Time:45 minutes Serves:10
Mango 5 Medium Sized, Chopped roughly
Powdered Sugar 1 Cup
Ghee 100 ml
Cashewnuts 50 grams

Method of preparation:
  1. Select well ripened mangoes, cut and puree them in a mixie. Keep aside. In a wide heavy bottom non stick pan, heat ghee. Add the mango puree.                       
  2. Cook the mango puree in medium flame continuously stirring to avoid sticking. In high flame, it tends to bubble up too much, so it should maintain medium flame. Keep stirring. When the mango mixture changes texture and colour, it starts to thicken, you can add little ghee and powdered sugar and keep stirring. Meanwhile, in a small kadai, heat ghee and fry cashew nuts til golden brown.
  3. Once the mango pulp is cooked (You will know by the smell that fills the air), transfer the fried cashew nuts and mix well. Turn off and let it rest in pan for few minutes before transferring to a container.                                
  • I have used very less sugar, as the mangoes were very sweet. You can vary the quantity of sweetness depending on your taste. 
  • You can also add crushed cardamom and saffron strands in the end.
  • Non stick pan is easy while making halwa, as it doesn't tend to stick much on the sides.  
  • Choose mangoes which has good flesh and taste. Avoid using fibrous ones. 


  1. Wow.. Yummy yumm halwa.. First of its kind in mango flavour. I'm loving it. Cheers!!


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