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Dosa Recipe | How to make crispy roast dosa | Breakfast Recipes

Crispy roast dosa is a loved breakfast in every home. Some prefer making it lots of ghee or butter, some with very less oil and I am one such person who uses very less oil to make. Making a dosa not a crispier one like this, just a simple dosa was a big task and indeed the first kitchen experiment I did. I used to waste lots of batter making utthapams. My bro and amma never dared to try eating those utthapams. My dad was the only one who would say the dosa's look so perfect even in its oval shape and big size. 

After my mom, it was my hubby who taught me to make perfect dosa's and managed eating my worst dosa's. Finally, I learnt the simple tricks and practise that makes these perfect ones. Many beginner's hopefully benefit with this post.

The longest dosa I had was in our wedding. They made the long special dosa and it was no time to eat such a tasty, crispy and roast dosa. But was best for photography!!!

Recipe Category: Breakfast
Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 5 minutes  Serves: 2
Homemade Dosa Batter - As required 
Oil/Ghee - As required
Water - As required

Video on how to make crispy roast dosa.

Method of Preparation:
1. Prepare the dosa batter in running consistency. Add required water and mix well. Check again for pouring consistency. Heat the dosa tava in medium flame. Check if the dosa tava is ready and sizzles immediately on sprinkling water. Pour the batter in the centre and spread in a circular motion till the sides fully to make a thin dosa. Drizzle oil on the sides and centre. 
2. Once the dosa is half cooked, spread the dosa with dosa spatula (as shown in the picture). Once it gets cooked, the dosa will start pulling from the sides. 
3. Turn over to the other side and let it cook for a few seconds. Remove and make the remaining dosas. Serve hot with chutney, sambar and podi's. 

Handy Tips:

  • Always before making the dosas grease the iron tava or non stick tava with oil and wipe off with a slice of onion or potato or cloth. 
  • Sprinkle a little water on it and check if it sizzles immediately meaning the tava is ready for making dosas. Wipe off the water using cloth. 
  • At-times, you can also spread a portion of the batter to make a small sample dosa , cook it for a minute and discard it. 
  • The perfect temperature is required for making crispier dosa so maintain the temperature and keep rotating the dosa tava so that the dosa gets cooked properly on all sides perfectly. 
  • It is optional to flip the dosa to other side.
  • If the dosa sticks to the pan while removing, drizzle some oil there and then it comes out easily. 

In Picture: Dosa with Bottle Gourd Sambar and Idli Milagai Podi. 

Other variations we make at home with dosa is 
Everyone has their own favourite versions... Dosa is always the best breakfast for the lazy me!!!


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