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Onion Uttapam Recipe | Breakfast Recipes

Uttapam is defnitely an Indian Pizza with lots of crunchy muncy toppings of our likes. When ever bored of our usual dosa we can try these variations to keep our tummy filled healthy and happy!!!

how to make onion uttapam at home, onion uttapam recipe at home

I find most of my family members order onion uttapam or onion roast when we visit restaurants but you get the most tastiest onion uttapams from the roadside vendors. Yep, not all like me who enjoy eating out roadside. :)

Onion Uttapam can never be complete without an sambar and chutney.

how to make onion uttapam at home, onion uttapam recipe at home

Recipe Category: Indian | Breakfast
Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Serves: 2 plates
Dosa Batter - 3 cups
Onion - 1, finely chopped
Garam Masala - 2 tsp
Oil - 4 tsp 
Butter - 2 tsp 

Method of Preparation:

1. Heat a non stick tava or iron tava, pour batter in the centre when the tava is hot enough and sizzles on sprinkling water. Spread the batter in a circular motion to make a thick 7 inch uttapam and cook on a medium flame for a minute. Pour oil/butter on the sides of dosa and cook for a minute or til it forms small holes here and there.

2. Sprinkle chopped onions, and garam masala over it.

3. Gently press the onions with the dosa spatula into the dosa.  Turnover and cook til it turns brown and well cooked.

4. Smear butter over top and spread around. Cut into halves using the dosa spatula or pizza cutter and serve hot with sambar and variety of chutneys. Make the remaining uttapam's.

  • Variations are endless on the toppings. You can add chopped tomatoes or capsicum or grated carrots or coriander leaves.
  • Instead of garam masala you can also use idli podi, gun powder, garlic podi powder or sambar powder. 
  • Instead of raw chopped onions, you can fry these onions in oil or butter and then add it to the uttapam for more crunchy. 
  • For a very spicy version: add finely chopped green chillies along with onions. 
how to make onion uttapam at home, onion uttapam recipe at home

In Picture: Onion Uttapam served with Sambar and Red Coconut Chutney.


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