Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home!!!

A healthy child makes a happy true...!! He made our home a very happy home. He is cute, playful and very naughty. He brought in bundles of joy and happiness to our family. After his arrival to our home, I changed my focus from outside to inside. I truly felt the changes within me to a better person. He keeps reminding me of how to live life!!!This is to you AMRITH...:) My little naughty Nephew!!!
When he was born, I had a career break and was a stay at home enjoy life girl. So had the chance to take care of him. Being family, we ensured he gets the proper nutrition in every-ways. But, he is a very choosy kid and fusses for anything. We had a difficult time to make him eat. My Sister in law would try every trick, do awesome attractive recipes yet failed to make him eat. His playful ways gets him into falling sick very easily.

He loves playing in water and catches up cold very often. This time, he got heavy fever and was admitted in the hospital. It was a nightmare for us, he couldn't breath or even sleep because of high fever and cold. The doctor put him on drips and lots of medicines. He cries so badly saying he wants to go home. He became so dull and every time the nurse passes by he would start crying. It was such a pain seeing him like that. After a day he felt much better with all those heavy medicines and was discharged the third day. On way back home, he sees an ice cream shop and cries that we have to stop by and eat ice cream. And as always, he wins and we brought him the ice cream. What could we do to improve his strength? 

Luckily the very next day, our family well wisher also my professor who is 80+ now visited us on way back from a function. He advised us to give him Dabur Chyavanprash which will increase his immune system and give him the strength to fight diseases. It is 3 times more immunity provider. He shared his experiences of having dabur chavanprakash daily and how his immune power drastically increased. We were happy to have known a way to improve his immune system but was worried if he would like the taste. Surprisingly, he loved the taste and never made a fuss to have this. After a month, we were able to notice the difference in his health. Then on, even I started taking it daily and felt a new me!!! From me the habit has now passed on to my husband also. 

A spoonful of dabur chyavanprash daily makes an healthy family!!! Consume Dabur and stop spending on your medicines.

Its always better to build the strength rather than fight diseases with medicines. This "Helps Fights Illness"

The daily dosage we give is half a teaspoon twice in a day and for adults one teaspoon twice daily.It also comes in 3 delicious flavours:
Mixed Fruit

Image courtesy of Dabur Chyawanprash at google. 

LAUGH ---PLAY --- DANCE --- SING---CRY----FIGHT----the list now goes on!!! He is now more playful, stronger and healthy making our life bigger,happy and better!!! Thanks to Dabur!

A healthy child brings incomparable joys on a snow day!!! 

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"I love the mess he creates around and the joy he blesses us with" Love you AMMIES....(This is how he calls himself)


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