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Chicken Fried Rice Recipe | Chinese Recipes

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I never loved fried rice until the day I started making them, they are actually one of the easy, quick and tasty dish in my home now. I try to make different varieties in it so my DH never gets bored as he is a choosy eater when it comes to Chinese!!! This time on blog is his favourite too, of course every non veg lovers would love this, yes, chicken fried rice!!! My favourite is mixed non veg noodles in Peking, an Chinese restaurant in Coimbatore. Missing Coimbatore and its roadside kalan now!!! Soon will post that smoked mixed fried rice recipe. Also read Veg Fried Rice.
Recipe Category: Chinese / Main
Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Serves: 4

To Cook Rice
Basmati Rice1 cup
Water5 cups
Olive Oil1 tsp
Saltto taste 
Chicken pieces

Olive Oil2 tbsp
Spring Onion Whites1/2 cup 
Capsicum1/4 cup

Soya sauce1 tsp
White pepper3 tsp
Spring onion greens1/2 cup 
SaltAs required

Method of Preparation:

1.To Cook Rice: Boil enough water in a open pan, add oil and salt. Cook the rice until its 90% done. Drain the rice using a strainer and refresh using cold water. Spread the rice evenly on a big plate and allow it cool completely. See Veg Fried Rice Step 1 for Pictures.
2.Heat oil in a non stick heavy bottomed pan, add spring onion whites, finely chopped garlic, capsicum and saute on high heat for 3 minutes. Reduce the heat and add egg, just mix well for long egg shreds. Add soya sauce. 
3.Finely make long chicken pieces using any chicken fry recipe. Add to the pan, mix well and let it cook for 5 minutes in medium heat. Keep tossing while cooking. Add cooked rice and white pepper. Mix well. Add spring onion greens. Mix well. Serve hot.

  • Chicken used in the fried rice can be any left over chicken side dish recipes, like chicken 65, chicken lolly pop, chilli chicken masala, tandoori chicken, tangdi kebab. I have used spicy chicken fry pieces. I just fried the pieces, let it cool, cut into thin pieces. 
  • The rice can be cooked in open pan or close pan or pressure cooked. Cook as you do with the proper measurements. I have given the instructions using open pan. 
  • Add olive oil while cooking so it doesn't stick together. 
  • If you want to increase the spice level, add finely chopped green chillies while cooking spring onion whites. 
  • For schezwan chicken fried rice, add schezwan sauce in the last step, toss well for few minutes in low flame taking care that you don't break the rice. 
  • Best left over recipe of rice and chicken. 
Serving Suggestion: Best served with chicken 65, sauce and raita.
chicken left over fried rice recipe,spicy, easy, quick fried rice, easy lunch fried rice recipe
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