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The Moment of Truth!!!

Is truth always the best choice of option in a situation which is totally out of control? I don't think so, it’s sometimes best to hide the truth but with your loved ones it’s very difficult to hold the lie. Yes, at least for me. 

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Back in college days, I never felt that the truth is important in sensitive issues hurting relationships. My mama always says, being honest and telling the truth is always the right thing to do. But I know, we all lie, lie is a universal thing which we must all do. But the wise thing you must do with a lie is for good cause, lie for others goodness, lie thoughtfully without hurting anyone. Well, we must train ourselves to lie!!! It's not as easy as truth, which we don't prefer. 

A small story of my friend where I was helpless, fighting between the truth and lie with my best friends. Rakesh and Anita are my childhood pals and now the best husband and wife I know. They have been sharing a very compassionate living and I love to hang out with them. I have learnt so much from their relationships and values of life. I never thought that a lie will take their loving bond to a break. 

I was very broken too with Anita’s misunderstandings. I was helpless in spite of knowing the truth. I did not know whether to hide the truth for one friend or lie to the other!!!

Being best buddies is really difficult you know, I was confident that I could explain Rakesh's financial loss to Anita and make her understand. But Rakesh wasn't convinced in any way to tell the truth to Anita. Of course, he did not want her girl to worry when she already had enough problems with her family on their love marriage. Each had their own stories, which in a way was difficult to tell the truth. Anita is a smarty and intelligent girl; she quickly learnt Rakesh is in some problem and started asking him whether everything was alright. She sensed that he is hiding something from her and you know, wives over think and she imagined troubles which could never happen between them. Rakesh also was stressed more day by day due to his unmanageable business loss. These differences quickly caused a big gap in their love life. 

I knew everything, from the day 1 when Rakesh started facing difficulties and how he is managing. I was also very sure that he will soon sort the problem and bounce back but hiding this, the time and situation with Anita was not healthy. Anita also learnt that I knew what her husband was going through and was angry with me too. Family also troubled and hurts her for the love marriage, which really worsened the situations between them. I tried my best to convince my friends, but failed. 

Everything went almost out of hands, when Anita planned to break up with Rakesh and leave. I could not hide the truth anymore. I decided the very moment that telling the truth was right thing to do. I know, I am breaking my best buddy promise but I was helpless and I knew that their relationship was more important than his promise. I opened up the financial loss of her husband and how he smartly manages it now. That very moment of telling the truth was relieving!!!

Anita surprised us, instead of getting angry and shouting at us for hiding the truth as she is a very short tempered woman, she was very relieved and happy that everything was alright and her husband did not have big worries. She was confident on Rakesh ability to bounce back and handle these issues easily. 

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But in life, truth is always important with our loved ones as in the video, we can never hide the truth with our loved ones and also hiding truth doesn't mean we have no affection for them. Sometimes, situations and time plays an major role in the matter of truth of lie!!! 

So, the moment of truth is very important and sensitive, handle it with care!!!! I am trying to always say the truth with everyone and have an simple life. Even if i can hide something or the truth from my loved ones, its for a day maximum. But even I know the universal thing, everybody lies:) 

Can you handle the truth?

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  1. Telling the truth is hard and digesting the truth is harder but in the long run, it is the best thing. Very well written!


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