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Cute Proposal to the Love of my Life

This is the story of a handsome software engineer and his beautiful doctor fiance who fall in love before getting married. 

Prem did not want this marriage to happen so fast though he loved Arpitha the very moment he saw her. Family and friends were in full swing with the marriage preparations.

Who is this Prem and Arpitha? Are they lovers who are getting married? 

Prem is a software professional working in an MNC and currently on a short term project in New York. He hails from the city of Hyderabad but raised in Bangalore. His parents are very orthodox and now that our hero of the story "Mr.Prem" is become the most eligible bachelor in the family should get married fast. But Prem always wished to fall in love and get married. 

Arpitha is a very beautiful dentist working in Hyderabad and a distant relative of Prem. Arpitha's family respects Prem's family values and have great interest in the marriage proposal. On the other hand, Arpitha wanted to do her M.D and had her dreams which a marriage would definitely shatter. 

What happens then? Did Prem's parents convince him? Will Arpitha's dream come true?

Prem couldn't convince his family and so Arpitha, due to some horoscope reasons, Prem's marriage has to be done in a couple of months else it would get delayed for more than 5 years. Prem's family met Aritha's family and who would not love a well educated and a gorgeous lady like Arpitha. Everything was fixed very quick. Both the families, arranged a grand wedding in Arpitha's small village, the entire family gathered together in the preparations. 

Have they met yet?

Prem is still in New York working on his project having his marriage in 15 days. Arpitha has thoughts whether she could pursue her dreams even after marriage or not. Come on, a girl would have started shopping, booking her bridal makeup, get her dresses designed but she was sitting late in her clinic. 

Finally, Prem managed to arrange his tickets and started towards home. He was very eager to meet his finance to find if she would at least match his interests. Prem and his cousins gathered to meet his fiance in their place. 

Prem was amazed in her beauty, and observed her with all the smiles. BANG!!! the love has set in...He loved the way she saw, spoke, sat and walked. He never imagined to have fallen in love with someone in a second. Arpitha was a stealer now. Prem felt a week was even to get mad over her and propose, love and live!!! 

Hero happy, what about the heroine? 

Arpitha found Prem to be the man of her likes but what really was eating her mind is the dreams she has. She wanted to talk about it to him but did not get a chance alone to speak with him. She decided on a plan to convey about her dreams to Prem and know his thoughts. 

They decided to play Cupid Games now!!!
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Present, On Valentines Day,

Prem decided its the best day to propose Arpitha before marriage and know her thoughts. Prem made arrangements and Arpitha's sister brought her the town's most romantic hotel without telling her the details. She insisted Arpitha to wait a few more minutes and that she has surprise. 

After she left the car, Arpitha found a envelope on which a note written, "I think I am madly in love with you the moment we met. If you would like to know me, you must come to front lobby."

In the lobby, a guy gave her a beautiful bouquet of red roses with a note, "Table No. 8". The place was so beautiful with pool side by and candle lid table's decorated the air with music and aroma of Mexican cuisine. Prem was waiting and welcomed her. He kneeled down and proposed her 

"Will you be mine? " 

Arpitha was completely shocked and surprised, she had no idea to what she was heading too and this wonderful evening created by Prem with the magical waves on Valentines day, she mesmerised in the breezy wind, nodded to Prem 

"I am forever yours!!!" and he wore a ring in her finger. 

It took few minutes before each other started talking, Arpitha was still in shock, thinking what has happened to her dreams,  as Prem began to talk, he spoke about his plan to settle in Bangalore in a couple of months and after which she could do her M.D if she wishes too, 

Arpitha shouted, "OMG Prem!!!" Are you suggesting I can do highers if I wish too, he was giving a look, Err...what else have I been talking? She started crying and smiling, he was shocked too. She then explained about the whole situation she was going through and how her parents forced her through this. They had a big laugh. 

VDay has been the most amazing day of her life now!!! 

Life's all about unexpected twists and turns, miracles do happen as in Arpitha's case. She now has a man of love and a man of her dreams. Prem is definitely a hero for Arpitha!!! 

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  1. Seem like a perfect love story.Suppose the twists and turns makes love and life trilling and exciting.


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