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Grape Raisin Ice Cream Recipe | Homemade Ice Cream Recipes | 150th Post!!!

Happy to present my 150th post on blog now!!! 

Its an ice cream now, what tempted me to first try this ice cream is the colour, it attracted me very much when I saw in Nita Mehta Eggless Desserts. After my first try, I liked the taste and flavour very much that I wanted to share on the blog.  

Easy and healthy ice creams made easy at home which kids will love very much!! Do check how to....

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Preparation Time: 40 minutes Freezing Time: 5 hours

Black Raisins - 4 tbsp (soaked in rum or brandy or water)

For Grape Syrup: 
Black Grapes - 200 grams, cleaned, seeded or seedless
Sugar - 7 tbsp
Water - 4 tbsp

Fresh Cream - 500 gram (I used Amul Fresh Cream)
GMS Powder - 1.5 tbsp
CMC Powder - 1 tsp
Water - 1 tbsp
Castor Sugar - 12 tbsp

Electric Beater

Homemade ice cream recipes, step wise pictures for grape ice cream, grape raisin ice cream, easy homemade ice cream recipe with step wise pictures,

Method of Preparation:

1. Measure the required ingredients and keep ready. Soak raisins in rum or brandy or water for 1 hour. Then, pulse it in a blender for a coarse mixture. I used water to soak. Remove grapes and soak in warm water to remove dirt's.
2. Heat a saucepan, add grapes, sugar and water for about 10 minutes. The sugar melts and the grapes starts to boil.
3. Check if the grape is softened fully by smashing it with a spoon. If so, turn off and allow to cool. Else leave to cook till its fully softened. Once cool, blend the cooked grapes in a food processor to a smooth pulp.
4. Meanwhile, heat water in a small pan. Strain the grape pulp using a strainer.
5. Once the water comes bubbling in the pan, add the GMS and CMC powders. Stir continuously while adding so it doesn't form lumps.
6. Add the ice cream stabilizer to the grape juice extracted. Now, heat the grape juice and keep stirring. Simmer for 1-2 minutes.
7. If any lumps are formed in the stabilizer, it dissolves. Turn off and keep it aside. In a bowl, beat fresh cream and castor sugar until thick and fluffy.

8. Add grape essence and keep beating slowly. Add grape juice slowly while beating.

9. Add the raisin mixture and beat well for few minutes. Transfer in an air tight freezer mate and freeze. Once its set partially, beat it again and then set again. Freeze overnight or till firm. Ice cream is ready!


  • You can replace GMS and CMC powder with instant ice cream stabilizer. 
  • It tastes best when soaked in rum or brandy. 
  • Beating at least three times repeatedly after setting partially helps to prevent ice cream forming crystals. 
  • Grape essence gives a boosting flavour, colour and smell. 
  • You can replace fresh cream with non dairy whipping cream. But sugar used must be skipped or adjusted to taste. 
  • Variations are you can add finely chopped nuts like almonds, cashews or pista. 
Homemade ice cream recipes, step wise pictures for grape ice cream, grape raisin ice cream, easy homemade ice cream recipe with step wise pictures,
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