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Bread Halwa Recipe - A Guest Post by Sathya Priya of MyKitchenOdyssey

Back with a guest post in the blog from Priya of MyKitchenOdyssey. Its so interesting in doing a guest post and when you receive one!!! The readers get a chance to know other good bloggers around and we get a lot to share, talk and chit chat knowing each other well. Blogging offers so much and I am so happy for being a part of this amazing food blogger world!!! And Priya is one among them!!!!  
Priya is an amazing blogger, knowledgeable, sweet and down to earth. She is actually an software engineer turned food blogger and an wonderful mommy full of love and energy!!! She presents her recipes so easy and I love the little stories behind her recipes. MyKitchenOdyssey features a wide collection of authentic recipes which is well presented and easy to follow. Do hop in to find more about her and her wonderful blog!!!

I am excited with the recipe of Bread Halwa, its so easy and tasty to prepare. Thanks for your mom's recipe. Do check out what Priya has got to share!!! 

Thanks for doing an yummy halwa for Delectable Flavours Readers!!!

Over to Priya.....

Hello to readers of Delectable Flavours..I am sathyapriya who blogs at mykitchenodyssey. I am from the same place as sooriya. If you want vegetarian authentic chettinad recipes you can check it in my space.After marriage got to know many cuisines and many food. That excited me and encouraged me to try many new recipes from pie to bread.

Previous month you might have seen a guest post of sooriya at my place .This is my turn and i am very excited to meet you all here.

Few words about Sooriya..
     She is younger in blogosphere but she is very talented take my word.She has a wonderful blog and she has many wonderful non-veg recipes you all know very well.She is a talented photographer too.I am very happy that I share one of my mom's best recipe in her blog..Hoping this friendship continues forever.See u all guys over there.

Few words about Bread halwa:
    This bread halwa sweet my mom makes during diwali..Its a creamy ,rich dessert that can make you feel like having one more bite.We kids love bread halwa equally like gulab jamunmaavu urundai and Boondi Ladoo.No body can make it out that its made out of bread.

Recipe Category: Indian / Sweet
Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Serves: 3 cups
  • 10-11 bread slices.
  • 2 cups milk/paal.
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar/sarkarai.
  • 3 tsp ghee/nei.
  • 1 cardamom(crushed).
  • 1 tsp ghee/nei
  • few badam/cashews
  • dried grapes/kismiss.
  • Don't over cook  after the halwa thickens and comes together.
  • If you over cook it, no problem, place them in greased surface and cut it down.
  • You can add more ghee if required, but this much ghee and sugar itself is more than enough to get the richness the halwa needs.
Method of Preparation:
  • Roast the bread slices until crispy in tava.
  • Tare it to pieces and make bread crumbs by grinding it in mixer.
  • Add a tsp of ghee to tava and add the crushed bread crumbs.
  • Roast it for 2-3 minutes until they get crispier again.
  • Add sugar. 
  • Add cold milk to the bread.Bread gets all the milk.
  • Mix food colour to little water.You can add the colour to halwa now.
  • Mix all of them together until mixed up.
  • When halwa thickens add 1 tsp of ghee at a time.
  • Add crushed cardamom powder to the halwa as well.
  • In another pan/tava add tsp of ghee.
  • Fry badam/cashews and dried grapes until golden brown and add it to halwa.
  • Bread halwa is ready to serve.
  • If you want to store the halwa,cool and store it in an airtight container.

Thanks Sathya for the Rich, Creamy and Delicious Dessert!!!
Sending this to Remmy's Kitchen!!!


  1. Thanks sooriya for the opportunity.

    1. Nice Halwa. Have you tried it with brown bread also Sathya?

    2. Hey Sowmya, guess ur asking about whole wheat bread ?.I tried it once.Taste a bit different but delicious.

  2. I never knew we can make halwa from a bread. It looks to good. A must try recipe. :)

    1. Oh!! ritu.Try it once,U sure going to love it.Then next time u buy an extra packet for making the halwa.

  3. Nice one Sathya.. it luks delicious :)

  4. Saw the splendid dessert at Sathya's space and now, here's the recipe. Would love to try soon.


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