Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Bucket List!!!

All of us have grown in  different states or even in other countries, but we connect through our words and action. We all have our own dreams, passions and priorities. For some, my dream would be a least priority while for others it would be their life dream and goal that they want to achieve. 

As I grew up, my dreams also grew up big and bigger. Each day would be so welcoming for a brighter future. It took years to realise my passion. And I feel so grown up now and want to work towards my passion and dream. 

When we want me make our dreams come true, almost everyone has constraints, be it anything small or big, but most of the time it will hold us from taking bold moves to achieve our dream. We tend to compromise for reasons which these constraints would bring. We overthink, rethink, compromise, postpone and as you grow older, constraints and responsibility grow bigger with you.  

I happened to watch this video below and made me wonder. What all this action of compromising and holding back will bring into my life? 

What if there is nothing to worry about and I am freely let to do what I love and long for, what If I were #BefikarUmarBhar.
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The top things to do in my bucket list would be

1. Be the smile behind someone's happiness
I love to live my life the simplest way possible though our society doesn't let us. I love to help people, give them the hope to excel, and bring in a change. Growing needs of family and commitments never gives me the space and money required to fund a child's education. As we all know, giving a child the right education can bring a good family in the future.If I were  BefikarUmarBhar, I would fund a child for their complete education. I would also support the child with all the required things for a bright education. 
Image Credit:SmileFoundation
2. I will start a small home based business to employ and help the physically challenged people stay confident and happy in life. 
In spite of being a healthy human, I am faced with constraints of life. Imagine the life of physically challenged, should they stay ideal and limit their hopes just because they are born that way? If I were  BefikarUmarBhar, I will want to plan and suit a small home based business idea to give them an opportunity to realize their dreams and to help them be successful in spite of their limitations.  

3. Gift me the joy of learning the art of food photography
I have realised the love to learn more about food photography in recent days though my degree in engineering and MBA is of small help in understanding exposures and the art of management.  If I were  BefikarUmarBhar, I will take time for myself, roam around and learn from the great hands of food styling and photography. 

4. Spend more time with my family
Everyone would say, marriages change a girl's life completely and I did not care much as I always believed our life is in our hands. Now things are not the same anymore, I miss spending time with my dad, mom and brother though being in a new family which has given me lots of new relations but which could never replace the love and warmth I receive from my family. If I were BefikarUmarBhar, I would love to spend more time with my family like the little girl I used to be. 

5. Present my food blog with recipes around the world
I would travel around the globe and experience every cuisine, bring back those memories and recipes with mouth-watering food pictures to my amazing readers. I am sure everyone would love to see the best of every country.  If I were  BefikarUmarBhar, I am packing my clothes and camera to fly right away !!!

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  1. Live the life you want because happiness after all is the key success factor.


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