Sunday, 1 February 2015

No Fikar, Chat Quikr

Do you want some space for your new purchases? Are you thinking to replace your old sofa with an modern one? Are you thinking to upgrade your gym equipments? Think no further when Quikr is there!!!

Gone are the days, when we use the same household we purchased for years. Now, everyone keeps upgrading home according to the trend. Buying online have been so easy, now reselling is made easy with Quikr!!!Quikr gives you the space required by helping you sell online your old goodies and also in finding items to your requirement.

Quikr is a No:1 online classified platform where you can connect with other people to sell or buy goods and services. It is so simple, easy to use which is very safe and secure keeping our identity confidential. It has an feature called Maximum Selling Price (MSP) which gives you the fair value to your reselling products.  

Quikr also provides app for mobile users which can be downloaded in their site or play store. App is very easy to navigate, fast and simple giving you a great user experience.

Overall, Quikr makes trading simplified!!! 
Image Courtesy: Quikr
Quikr has moved a step further and introduced an new feature called Quikr Nxt. This makes our transactions and communications very safe, smart and secure. It has amazing features to make the transactions convenient in privacy.  

Features of Quikr Nxt are
  • It has an option to keep your number private which gives you an complete number privacy. 
  • You can chat with any number of prospects without having to talk over the phone in your convenience. You get the control to decide the transaction in ease and at your convenience. 
  • All your chats with every prospect is easily available in a glance so you need not have to remember a thing about the rate or negotiation discussed. 
  • You can share any number of pictures with every prospect to give the information about the product you are discussing. 
The three main reasons why I would choose chat over a phone call would be

Number Privacy:

In any transaction, you will be getting many calls or texts regarding the ad post and you must be dealing with unknown people, would you like to share your number? It would be sometimes irritating to have them enquire or negotiate multiple times over the same thing. So, I would prefer only an closed chat over the phone than a call where I get to control whom I transact with. 

Photo Sharing:

Photos are better way to describe and present the product to buyers or sellers than discussion about the specifications and details. 


Wouldn't a call regarding your ad post to sell your sofa be annoying when you are in an important meeting with your boss? You can't blame the caller as he would be leisure only then. So this chat gives both the ends to communicate without having to disturb others time at their convinecne. 

Go and sell your product without making calls with just chats. 
Quikr is No Fikar, Chat Quikr!!!

Post written as a part of IndiBlogger and HH Quikr Contest. 

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