Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pepper Ghee Chicken Roast Recipe | Milagu Nei Kozhi | Kozhi Recipes

Pepper Ghee Chicken Roast Recipe | Kozhi Recipes
Are you like me, who would like to have spicy chicken alone for a whole meal? Then this recipe is for you. Loaded with pepper and flavours of ghee and curry leaves is a delicacy.

Singapore - The Gastronomic Heaven!!!

When we were thinking on a short trip from India for a relaxing holiday, we never looked further than Singapore as the dynamic state was a dream destination for our entire family. Singapore is truly a multi-cultural place serving delicious food, high street shopping and amazing experience. So, why look further than Singapore?

Even though I knew a lot about Singapore through my cousins who live there, I was curious and googled a bit about the amazing food joints which is my interest being a big foodie. I have heard that in Singapore, eating as a national pastime and a big obsession. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Chicken Kuzhambu Recipe | Chicken Recipes

step by step chicken kuzhambu recipe
It's been a busy month as my MIL had visited us, lots of cooking without clicking for blog, unlimited shopping and roaming. I decided to make one of the delicious and easy chicken kuzhambu that I cook at home very often. 

Chicken cooked in rich spiced coconut milk and a tangy tamarind juice with fresh curry leaves. The consistency can be adjusted to suit for rice or Tiffen recipes. 

Story of Two Friends #together

We grew up together with fun and happy moments. When kids we had no worries. Just enjoying the shiny day with lots of enjoyment. As we grew, we had differences and would fight over petty issues yet shared a wonderful love. He is called in different names by everyone but He is always my Best Friend though we don't speak with each other now. 

He is been like a mother, father, brother, sister and a friend to me. He knew when I would laugh and when I would get upset. He was so protective and takes care that I am not hurt by anyone. The entire school knew about our friendship. Our families were more bonded because of us. He thought me the value of love and life. Sometimes we turn very crazy and fight a lot. But isn't this friendship all about? 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

#StartANewLife Unleashing my potentials

Life has been very crazy, I have always known what I wanted in my life. I choose everything in life with utmost research and love for it. My friends from school or college always admired me for my clear chosen path. Some people were even jealous and would wonder how this girl keeps her life so focused and clear. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miracles Do Happen

Are you the person who sees the cup half full or half empty? I remember this was the first question my professor asked us in our MBA class. We expected that it would be an self-introduction class or a debate class to score and divide us with different sessions but he wanted to determine our outlook on life.

Each one was different, I saw it half full and he was impressed. An optimist always sees the positive side of any situation while an pessimist sees only the downfall in a particular situation. I had been a pessimist without knowing about it, I proudly called myself as an optimist but the reality was different. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Double Beans Dry Masala Recipe

double beans masala dry recipe

Double Beans Dry Masala is very delicious and healthy. Double beans cooked in thick flavoured coconut milk adds rich taste. The recipe is simple to prepare if you have the dry roast masala prepared in advance. I prefer to keep as a stuffing to my chappathi's and roll like a frankie. Aren't double beans frankie fabulous?? Try the recipe and check it out yourslef!!!

Idiyappam Sodhi Recipe

chettinad style idiyappam sodhi
Idiyappam or string hoppers is a dish my mom often makes it at home as we are love to eat a lot. I would soon post the recipe for string hoppers served with thick coconut milk and topped with fresh grated coconut and sugar. This recipe Sodhi is a savoury thick delicious coconut milk served with the sweet version in my place. It is considered to be light on stomach and easy to digest making it an dish for the sick time instead of bread and milk. 

Chicken Briyani Recipe | Non Veg Recipes

No weekend is complete without a briyani and some chicken accompaniments like Pepper Chicken, Chilli Chicken Masala, Chicken Fry or Tandoori Chicken. Even I don't cook, we would order and eat. This is an easy recipe which an beginner could try!!!
Other Briyani recipes which you might be interested are thalapakati chciken briyani and mughlai chicken briyani

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Palak Paneer Gravy Recipe | Veg Side Dish Recipes

 paneer palak,

The spinach base curry is almost the same for most of palak recipes, with the addition of paneer or aloo it changes the flavour. If you are interested in egg spinach combination, which is the best combo of spinach in our family, you can check this recipe Spinach Egg Curry. 

The Best Gift

Like for most of us here, family members have been a huge impact on our lives. And almost for many of us, it would have been their mother. Well, the person who guided and encouraged me to grow into a better and a more self-reliant person is my mother. She has influenced my life that I live now so much, and frankly speaking I realized it very late. I always had a feeling  that my childhood and the way I was brought up had been completely different, and sometimes wondered if that was a burden on my life. 

Murungakeerai Muttai Poriyal Recipe | Murungakeerai Egg Poriyal Recipe

murungakeerai muttai poriyal recipe, murungakkerrai egg fry
If there is any way I could consume a keerai deliciously then that's the recipe I would love to make at home. This is one of the tasty quick way to have fresh murungakeerai with egg !!! 

Wheatgrass Detox Juice

wheatgrass juice for weightloss

Wheatgrass is the best form of available chlorophyll now. Many people believe that wheatgrass when taken in an empty stomach improves digestion, promotes weight loss, detoxify the body and flush out the toxins. Organic wheat grass is freshly available in the market or you can also buy powdered wheat grass. It can be easily grown in home too. To reap the full benefits of wheat grass, you should consume immediately.