Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miracles Do Happen

Are you the person who sees the cup half full or half empty? I remember this was the first question my professor asked us in our MBA class. We expected that it would be an self-introduction class or a debate class to score and divide us with different sessions but he wanted to determine our outlook on life.

Each one was different, I saw it half full and he was impressed. An optimist always sees the positive side of any situation while an pessimist sees only the downfall in a particular situation. I had been a pessimist without knowing about it, I proudly called myself as an optimist but the reality was different. 
This first day in my college was very exciting at the same time very emotional, on whether the path I lay for myself would be positive or negative. I had to the step forward to stand ahead of others. I wanted an chance to proof myself. I wanted to top the class with distinction. Confused and excited thoughts were banging my head while the professor called out for names who would like to contest in class leadership. A moment of optimism showed paths which were faced with challenges, tasks and activities to give me an exciting chance to show my talent. 

I slowly raised my hand in the crowd, the counting began and was surprised to find I was the first to raise my hand. Now, competing with 8 others for a seat of two. We had to go through various activities to be shortlisted among the top 4. My positive attitude and approach made me win with maximum number of votes. Optimism changed the entire life ahead of me, it was filled with confidence, inspiration and excitement. A single step is enough to change the entire path in front of you.

All at once the life fell perfect in front me, 

My Routine 
Daily activities were filled with excitement and fun of what the day was about to bring. I go to gym and did my intense workouts prepping my body for the day. A session of meditation after gym gave me the calm and peace mindset to be strong mentally. A healthy hot home made breakfast nourished me enough to face the challenges. I strongly believe a healthy mind and a body is the key to success. 

My College Life
I was full of enthusiasm and energy to learn new things. My energy spread around my friends for an active fun filled day. My high level of positivity and the ability to manage things mattered in most of the unpredictable situations which skyrocketed my confidence. I got placed in an very reputed company and also had an chance to pursue my higher studies. I was ranked as one of the best student from the university and offered an scholarship for my highers. My family was very proud of me as college chairman handed over me the gold medal. What more could I ask for? 

Family and Friends Time
A man must be blessed to have quality time with family and friends. I made sure that I had a balanced life. I would spend weekends with my family and evening hours for friends. We would go for movies, play cricket or just chit chat. Family was content and satisfied seeing the time spent for them. For my career, I went to another city, after a long break when I return home, the happiness on their face is endless giving me a new ray of hope always. 

I did short term courses to give extra credit to my work profile after my college hours. This added value to my profile. With my positive attitude, I took criticism in a positive way, worked hard and learnt lessons. This gave more strength to face the upcoming challenges and gave me the determination to excel them. Soon my career life turned perfect filled with dedication and determination. The hope for a secured future was high. As years passed by, my experiences gave me new opportunities. My work life had a strong uptrend giving me new opportunities to explore. 

My Life Partner 
The next big step to my life was when I got married to the man of my life. He was a optimist in life, had strong principles and lead a happy life. We were blessed to be with each other spending quality time enjoying life and planning our future. We love to travel around, explore new places and eat different cuisines. The secured feeling of being with my life partner brings heaps of hope about our future. We are sure to be there for each other at all times. My life is complete in his hands!!! 

Life is very unpredictable, sometimes very demanding and full of pressures. But we must learn to see the good from the bad and be optimistic. Behind every success story there is a clumsy steps of failure, but the spirit, dedication and optimism will take you to the right direction. LookUp and see the sunshine. 

Life can take a twist at any part of time, miracles do happen in everyone life like it happened in my college time as they start to see their lives in a positive way. Right attitude and confidence in oneself will give a bright future. 


  1. Your are definitely living a complete happy life. Keep going because positiveness will take us through all the way.

  2. Wonderful, optimism has actually done wonders in your life. :-)

  3. So lovely! Nice to learn about it!
    Stay this way!


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