Tuesday, 10 March 2015

#StartANewLife Unleashing my potentials

Life has been very crazy, I have always known what I wanted in my life. I choose everything in life with utmost research and love for it. My friends from school or college always admired me for my clear chosen path. Some people were even jealous and would wonder how this girl keeps her life so focused and clear. 

My parents wanted me to choose medicine when I decided to study engineering on the subject of my interest. While everyone was worried as I choose engineering though having good marks for medicine, but I was clear on what it has to be. Studied in a top university and then had a good career. Life blessed me with a handsome and smart husband who loved me truly. His parents treated me like their own daughter. 

Life was smooth and happy until my husband got his transfer. His dream was fulfilled as he got the designation he was aiming for but in  a new city where my job has to be compromised. My company had branch in other locations but my designation never had requirements in the new city my husband liked. He was reluctant to take up the offer as he knew I had to compromise on my career. I did have few opportunities there but my research was unique with the team I was working then and had practical difficulties to shift and work from a different location. Also we had a caretaker who is been with my husband's family since he was child and more of our own family member who would take care of his parents but she wouldn't come to the new city leaving her family. We were not compromised to leave his parents with unknown people just for the sake of our career. 

My husband could not decide and give priority to his promotion, but I together with his parents took a bold move with our decision to shift to a new place leaving behind his relatives and my satisfying job. He was not happy with our bold decision but we convinced him that we are happy for him and want to be a part of his dream and success. 

As we moved there everything was good except that I lost my job which was my passion and love. I had to be with his old aged parents too. I did search a few options to work part-time or work from home neither of which worked out. 

As a couple of months passed, my husband suggested to start blogging my thoughts, ideas and share recipes. And just with a click, I created my own little blog to share my cooking recipes passed on from my mom, mother in law and friends. #StartANewLife unleashed many of my hidden potentials, either me or my husband never imagined that I could be blogging or cooking different cuisines or food photography or new love for portrait photography. My new love for photography and the talent I have would have never been known if not for the bold step I took to leave my job for my husband and his loving family. I would be moving back soon to my work life as my previous employer has promised to offer me a position I was working in the new branch coming up. But this span of two years, had unleashed my hidden potentials. 

All you have to do in life is to take that bold step to success!!!

Start a new life with Housing!!!


  1. Good sharing dear... You worth doing your work. Keep rocking. My best wishes..

  2. Yes, be brave, be bold and move on.


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