Saturday, 14 March 2015

Story of Two Friends #together

We grew up together with fun and happy moments. When kids we had no worries. Just enjoying the shiny day with lots of enjoyment. As we grew, we had differences and would fight over petty issues yet shared a wonderful love. He is called in different names by everyone but He is always my Best Friend though we don't speak with each other now. 

He is been like a mother, father, brother, sister and a friend to me. He knew when I would laugh and when I would get upset. He was so protective and takes care that I am not hurt by anyone. The entire school knew about our friendship. Our families were more bonded because of us. He thought me the value of love and life. Sometimes we turn very crazy and fight a lot. But isn't this friendship all about? 

My Best Friend Raks knew how much I loved my little teddy who I named as "Maximus". Each day I would never sleep without talking about the entire day to him. I would sleep only with him aside. The first thing I see on opening my eyes would also be my dear little teddy "Maximus". "Maximus" is the gift which my dad got on return from Singapore. My dad has brought many wonderful gifts later on but Maximus was like my little brother whom I would play and chat with. 
One terrible day in school when me and Raks had a big fight. We were so angry on each other that I never wanted to see him again. It was not the big fight which separated us. I could have let go off my anger in a few hours but what he did in anger to take revenge on me changed our love to hatred forever. But even then he is my always my best friend. 

As I returned home after the big fight, I ran into my room to hug Maximus and cry loudly as why Raks fought so badly in front of my entire classmates. But when I got there, he was not there. Sometimes our maid would keep it inside the cupboard. I searched and searched everywhere to be only disappointed. I shouted angrily at mom, "Where maximus is?". She was shocked to seeing him vanish. She then asked me if I had asked Raks as he came home before me to get his notebooks which was in my room. Now, I realised how maximus has disappeared. 

I rang up to his home, and found he has left to tuition's. I went there and found him happily chatting with friends. We started the fight again and finally I started pleading with him to give Maximus to me. He was too hurt on my state of mind now and was worried. He told me that he threw maximus in a garbage area out of anger on me. I got furious and slapped him. Tears rolling down each others eyes with the lost hope we never spoke again. 

Years passed, and we knew we were still the best friends at heart though we never knew anything about each others whereabouts. 

One day, the unthinkable happened, I found Raks number in my another friend mobile number while looking for another number. The number just had my favourite numbers, well both of our favourite numbers I should say. Just the one glance and I could not forget the number. 

The next morning, as I looked into the calendar the date showed Aug 30th. The number in my mind kept flashing, it was Raks birthday. I wanted to talk with him, I wanted to wish him and be there for him always as a best friend. I wanted his care and affection and I realised how much I had been missing in my life because of missing him. I knew how much he would be missing me too. I knew it was not his mistake, the anger made him do something so stupid which he would have realised immediately. I knew he never took a step to contact me again because of such a bad act of him. I knew how much I have hurted him by staying away.

All this thoughts took the entire day, as the clock was to strike 12 o clock in the midnight, I called his number. He picked up in the second ring, a moment of silence on hearing his voice, as the clock was to go past 12, I said " Happy Birthday Raks". 

Hey, Thanks. Who is this? Hey, Is it you I heard? Hey, Sooriya I know it's you!!! and then our talks continued till the next midnight.

We were best friends again, being there for each other, no matter what happens in life, we encouraged, counted on and stood up for each other. 

To this day, Raks is my best friend, I would call up him any time for anything and everything. That moment when I got him back in my life is the most memorable moment in my life so far that I will cherish my entire lifetime. The moment of hope, faith and trust in our journey continues forever.

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  1. Nice to write about friendship and how its meant to be treasured.


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