Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Best Gift

Like for most of us here, family members have been a huge impact on our lives. And almost for many of us, it would have been their mother. Well, the person who guided and encouraged me to grow into a better and a more self-reliant person is my mother. She has influenced my life that I live now so much, and frankly speaking I realized it very late. I always had a feeling  that my childhood and the way I was brought up had been completely different, and sometimes wondered if that was a burden on my life. 
My mother had her own struggles and sacrifices which she did for the betterment of our lives. I observed her and my family as how they cope up with day to day struggles of life. I was moulding to become a more of like her as time passed. But I felt this was not what my life was supposed to be. I wanted to be pampered by everyone, I wanted my mother to buy anything and everything I desire, I wanted to play and have fun without having to deal with helping my siblings in their gardening, just like any other kid in my school who was pampered and living a extravagant lifestyle. I was confused what was the difference in my life when compared with my friends, even my family had so much affection on me and I lived a simple life in a beautiful way. Had everything that I need, but definitely not the extravagant luxuries of life. But are they worth the worry I was having? Do you really need such a life? 
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All of this I realized, when I turned into my teens and had to move from my small town to city for my higher education. All of a sudden, it was like I went from a child like protected place to a land full of strangers where I had to deal everything independently. Like me, I found many other being in the fear of a new land. I had to find a new place to stay, find a roommate, arrange a mess for food, find means to travel to college, get comfortable with college life, and most of all to excel in studies after having to manage all this, I felt as if everything were thrown at me once. Could I manage or go back to my small town?

Sleepless night passed but some strong urge that I could bounce back from my feelings. But as days passed, I knew how I had to deal with everything in a new city from opening a bank account for myself to travelling for a college admission approval letter to main campus. I did not have any fear when I faced new people and in fact I found it a joy when I felt free like a bird and doing things independently without parents waving us goodbye for school every day. 

I had this strange joy of exploring new things and surrounding myself with surprises of what the next moment was about to bring. I loved being independent and suiting my life to the way I want in a safe and smart way while others found it difficult after being nurtured all through life in the palms of their family. 

My mother wanted me to fly freely, explore heights without limitations and learn the art of living. She had been caring me more than anything for my successful and independent future. So this was what she shaping me into from my childhood!!! 

My mother has gifted me the strong independent person in me who can face any hurdles and break the ice to reach the zenith. 

"A Vibrant and a independent women is much more beautiful than the women who wait for people to validate her existence" Love you mom for the beautiful, vibrant and the independent women I am!!! 

Self Confidence is the best gift a mom can give her girl!!!

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  1. Of course mothers are the gift of god. They sure sacrifice anything and everything for our happiness. well being and good future.


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