Friday, 10 July 2015

Eat Right

Women love their skinny figures and tend to go on crash diets to achieve it. At times I wonder why I am not among the 90% of the women who keep worrying about their figure. I don't think whether I am fat or moderate or skinny. But I am more concerned on whether I am consuming an healthy and balanced diet. 

My view is everyone wants that skinny figure and go to extend of eating poor diet called as the "Crash Diets" by cutting down on calories and the nutrients. Some would pay pounds to gyms or Pilates to maintain their skinny figure even with the crash diet.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Smelly to Smiley Home - Ampi Pur Air Effects!!!

Being a food blogger , round the clock the kitchen works while I make my routine menus, try a new recipe, bake a cake or grill chicken at any convenient time. Snacks and non veg are favourite of my husband and me, so we do all late night ventures while trying hands on some new recipe or making large batch of snacks for a party or get together. At times, when I am not able to clean, it leaves my kitchen very messy and odour when left uncleaned till morning. I won't have the feel to use kitchen in the morning due to unpleasant smell. I definitely can't wait for my maid who comes late morning for work, but have to prepare our breakfast.