Friday, 10 July 2015

Eat Right

Women love their skinny figures and tend to go on crash diets to achieve it. At times I wonder why I am not among the 90% of the women who keep worrying about their figure. I don't think whether I am fat or moderate or skinny. But I am more concerned on whether I am consuming an healthy and balanced diet. 

My view is everyone wants that skinny figure and go to extend of eating poor diet called as the "Crash Diets" by cutting down on calories and the nutrients. Some would pay pounds to gyms or Pilates to maintain their skinny figure even with the crash diet.
Women these days prefer to have an healthy lifestyle, while some prefer the shortcut way called crash diet to reach their ideal weight. Which do you think is healthy and good? 

Balanced diet with an active lifestyle or workout tones the entire body of unwanted fats and nurtures the entire system with essential nutrients for an active and healthy life. While Crash diets, the weight loss goal is reached very fast by cutting down on the essential nutrients, starving oneself from the required minerals and vitamins for proper functioning of the body and energy loss with long term diseases. 
Crash diet is easy but not effective like the balanced diet. I would definitely prefer the healthy and balanced diet. The weight loss is gradual with good immune system, effective functioning and increase in energy. 

Balanced diet is eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, plenty of starchy foods, and other non diary sources of protein. Active lifestyle with exercises like weights, cardio and yoga gives way to achieve an effective weight-loss. A spoonful of Dabur Honey in warm water consumed in empty stomach on waking up gives you the required energy for the day. This Honey Diet is effective and you get the benefits of honey to your body keeping you fit, young and active. 

Important points to be remembered for an healthy and balanced diet
  • Start your day with Honey Diet. Followed by moderate exercise and a fruit. 
  • Consume nutrient rich healthy and hot breakfast prepared at home. Never skip breakfast due to hurry. 
  • Drink fluids after 30 minutes of food. 
  • Eat fresh salad after 2 hours from breakfast. 
  • Eat your lunch before 2.00PM and at the same timing everyday. Make sure the lunch menu has all the required nutrients in right proportion. 
  • Have snacks like peanuts, cheese, steamed vegetables or crackers. 
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and beverages. 
  • Prefer buttermilk and tender coconut water. 
  • Eat dinner in 2 hours after sunset. 
  • Be active throughout the day. 
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water as per your body requirement and weight. 
  • Walk 30 minutes a day. Exercise not more than 1 hour. 
  • Don't sit in an place for more than 30 minutes, move around and then sit again for work. 
  • Practice yoga and breathing techniques.
  •  Use staircase and cycle instead of lifts and bikes to move around. 
I am sure you are going to follow balanced diet after reading this!!! 

Say no crash diets!!! 

Stay fit and active by eating right!!!

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  1. I'm not all that conscious about my figure. Still not being overweight is still important. I love honey. Always there at home. Just a spoon with chilled water is so good.


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