Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Smelly to Smiley Home - Ampi Pur Air Effects!!!

Being a food blogger , round the clock the kitchen works while I make my routine menus, try a new recipe, bake a cake or grill chicken at any convenient time. Snacks and non veg are favourite of my husband and me, so we do all late night ventures while trying hands on some new recipe or making large batch of snacks for a party or get together. At times, when I am not able to clean, it leaves my kitchen very messy and odour when left uncleaned till morning. I won't have the feel to use kitchen in the morning due to unpleasant smell. I definitely can't wait for my maid who comes late morning for work, but have to prepare our breakfast.
There came Ampi Pur Air Effects as my rescuer, the mild blossom & breeze eliminates odours and the freshens the air instantly charging your mood and lifting up the spirits. 

Ampi Pur Air Effects is mild, fresh and aromatic leaving you with a good sense and a feeling of completeness around you!!! 

Few sprays of Ampi Pur Air Effects in the kitchen and the hall around leaves a wonderful fragrance. As you can see in the Ampi Pur Air Effects "blossom & breeze" bottle, the fragrance is very floral leaving you a whiff of fresh air.

My experience of using Ampi Pur Air Effects has been very pleasant, few sprays in the entire home left the air in so soothing and refreshing. The unwanted odours from the garbage bin, laundry basket and the kitchen vanished leaving a fresh scent. 

Main advantages of having an Ampi Pur Air Effects can at home always 
  • Instantly refreshes the room or your entire home from unpleasant odours when guests arrive unexpectedly. Since the fragrance is mild and aromatic, it quickly energizes the air around. 
  • Freshen up the dining room while planning an sudden romantic home cooked candle light dinner with your loved ones. 
  • Rotten foods making your puke, an press to wade off the smell and make you feel fresh. 
  • Are those wet clothes left in the morning before leaving work giving you an headache, Ampi Pur Air Effects would not let you sipping a strong coffee in dinner time. 
  • Bathrooms leave an bad smell how good its cleaned or maintained, after a strong cleaning the smell of acid is so strong which can be changed to mild and fresh with Ampi Pur Air Effects. 
  • Kids play stuffs, outdoor items, shoe rack can be made pleasant with Ampi Pur Air Effects. 
Ampi Pur Air Effects Can is so easy and convenient to use, just hold the can upright and pull the trigger back and spray the air in the sweeping motion. The cap is designed so efficient to avoid leakage or spills when turned. Priced at Rs.250 is reasonable for a 275g can which lasts for a long time.

Overall a good air freshener leaving you and your home a happy one!!!!

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley at BlogAdda in association with Ambi Pur.”

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