Sunday, 16 August 2015

Deliciously Spicy Hot Chicken Farfalle Arrabbiata !!!

On those rainy nights or the busy nights after work, a plate of pasta with white sauce or tangy tomato makes an delectable dinner with your loved one. One such comfort food anytime in my kitchen!!!!

My Love for Italian Cuisine
My friends love Italian as much as I do and they would wonder how frequent and quick I make these yummy treats. Cooking your plate of pasta is an art which when mastered you could just explore unique tastes each time. I would throw in my favorites, simmer the sauce and load with cheese. Sounds so simple? 

Yes, the combinations are endless. I must thank my husband who took me for an Italian dinner in our first date when I fell in love with the flavours of it. From then on, I would find ways to have Italian and he clearly understood how much I loved. One rainy and cold evening, we were craving for something very spicy and that's when I first made pasta with Indian twist. It was big hit in our family and then on my experiments with pasta have pleased my taste-buds.

Meaning of Arrabbiata
The word Arrabbiata means Angry in Italian and as the Arrabbiata sauce is hot and spicy and also ones reaction to it while eating. A good sauce makes a great pasta. Being a spice lover, I have used Arrabbiata sauce for farfalle.