Sunday, 3 July 2016

Can my children catch up on the lost growth?

Every parent want their children to be happy and healthy. Parents keep monitoring and comparing their children growth and development in every phase. Many parents have concerns about their children lost growth and development if they don't meet the milestones at right time. In many families these concerns can cause worries and fearsome in parenting style and child's growth rate. The child must be in par with the milestone height and weight for the appropriate age. This ensures child to be healthy and balanced. Growth and development is very important for the child and parents well being.
Is it possible for every child to meet the growth and development? Not possible for every child to be in correct height and weight as per their age but its important to be in their correct height and weight for them to be healthy and happy. 

There are several factors which may affect the growth rate in children. Some important factors are mothers poor nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, illness and fussy toddlers. Working mothers are not able to breastfeed their babies for longer and not able to provide home cooked fresh food for a balanced and complete meal. Toddlers are not good eaters and parents these days are not having time to feed the right food for growth and nourishment. The nutritional deficit keeps a backlog in the child growth. It is very essential to give the right nutrition for their growth and development.

Parents do research and long for ways and ideas to bridge the nutritional gap to give the lost growth for their children. Parents must ensure that the child gets all the vital nutrients for weight gain, height gain, immunity and brain development, Children face a lot of problems in schools with other kids if they are tiny or short. Parents do keep comparing their child with others and forcing the child to eat by saying he needs to gain weight and correct height which affects the child's mind. When the child is under weight and weak they are not able to perform activities effectively among their same age group. Both the parents and the child is affected by this which brings in unwanted tantrums and breakdowns in the family. 

In my opinion,it is very important and essential for children to catch up on the lost growth for living a balanced healthy life both physically and psychologically. Not always the balanced healthy meal and lifestyle bridges the growth and development gap of children. Children do need the extra nutrition to catch up on the lost growth. 

Parents and children really need that special food that reverses any nutritional deficits. For the child to catch up on the lost growth is really important for a well balanced happy and healthy life.  Proper early nourishment is best but its not too late to catch up in toddler years for healthy growth and development. If parents have not given a right start for their children this is the time to give them back their lost growth with Horlicks Growth+

Horlicks Growth+ is a specially developed advanced nutrition product for growth and development which claims to naturally increases height and weight in a period of 6 months without causing obesity in children. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients to catch up on the lost growth.

Do you feel your child is behind in growth and wondering if your children can catch up on the lost growth? Yes its possible with Horlicks Growth+. 

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  1. Well, it's too early for my baby to try Horlicks and probably will be able to tell the difference once I start giving her.. if it really works, then it is a boon for sure to the children with malnutrition..


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