Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Gifting Ideas For New Moms

New moms deserve that extra care, comfort and attention as much as the little miracle wrapped in mommy's warmth. Between feedings, crying, changing nappies, sleepless nights and pampering , new moms do need some support that are guarantee to comfort them and the baby. These gifts are wonderful and useful.
Gifts that are like a blessing for new moms are
  1. Breast Pump - New moms need lot of rest and go stressful at times from frequent feeding and changing diapers. Investing in a good manual or electrical breast pump will be very handy to express milk and store. Baby can be nursed by father or family member so the mom can take some rest to recover from post pregnancy pains. Few moms will have trouble making the baby latch, in that the baby can be bottle fed the expressed breast milk. If the newborn sleeps for long hours, the milk flow increases and the mom experiences breast pain which can be eased by expressing the milk. Electrical breast pump saves in a lot of time while manual breast pump.
  2. Nursing Cover - Nursing covers are useful while feeding in public or while travelling. Nursing covers can be customized with good, 100% cotton fabric and pattern providing comfort and privacy to the mom and baby. Easy to use and breathable fabric give best support while breastfeeding.
  3. Feeding Pillow - Feeding pillows give support to new moms especially to hold their baby comfortably and in position while breastfeeding. However most mothers do not find feeding pillows useful if the baby latches on correctly and once they know the position to hold them properly. In cases like C section, new mom will find feeding pillow to be comforting for their back and to hold tiny babies in proper position. Different types of feeding pillows are available in the market to suit the needs of new moms.
  4. Maternity Dresses - New moms love to be well dressed up and get pampered like their baby. Gifting them different styles of nursing kurti's and western nursing tops makes a awesome gift. Nursing tops makes it easy to breast feed easily while looking stylish and awesome. Girls loves clothing and shopping anytime and anywhere. Dressing up is fun!
  5. Baby Food Processor - If something could make life easier like a iphone, would you say no? Baby food processor is a precious gift for a new mom who prefers to cook and feed healthy nutritious homemade food for their babies. The food processor like Philips Avent Steamer and Blender makes steaming and blending in no time without having to wait and watch over for the food to be ready. New moms without help will find it very easy to cook and feed healthy fresh homemade foods for babies.
  6. Sterilizer - Baby utensils are to be sterilized before each use to maintain hygiene. Its a big task to sterilize the baby bottles each time in hot water before use. Sterilizer makes the work effortlessly easy without the worry of the bottles getting over heated while sterilizing using hot water.
  7. Baby Play Gym - Tummy time is important for babies to grow strong. Baby play gym stimulates the baby to move, let them explore the moving objects above them, observe actions and colours. Play gym keeps the baby entertained and develops their fine motor skills. It gives the new mommy some time to relax while the baby gains by the tummy time provided in the gym. Experts say that the babies must be exposed to maximum tummy and floor time for good development of motor skills,
  8. Baby Sleeping Bed with Mosquito Net - Baby born during rainy season are more affected by mosquito bites. Its a very challenging task for the new mom to keep the baby mosquito free in the rainy season. The soft comfortable baby bed is a great buy which prevents mosquitoes from entering inside the net so babies can have an safe and sound sleep. The net allows good air circulation while preventing the mosquitoes from entering inside. The net is easy to zip and unzip without disturbing the baby.
  9. Diaper Bag - Be it a visit to hospital or dining out, a good and stylish diaper bag is a must to carry baby essentials like diapers,  changing mat, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, baby wipes and flask. Diaper bags have separate compartments for easy storage and use. They are modern and stylish with great prints attractive for babies and mom to carry.
  10. Rocker - Rocker helps to keep the baby calm with its calming vibrations. The toy bar makes a great playtime for babies. It stimulates and motivates the baby to grasp and pull. Rocker is helpful while feeding the fussy baby. It comes in three position and can be easily adjusted to suit our requirement.
Are you visiting the new mommy and baby, don't forget to grab one of these awesome gift!!!

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