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Cloth Diaper Brands Available in India

When you first hear a mom say, " I am cloth diapering my boy!". What you think might be thin, soft cotton clothes tied like those in olden days and wonder how good it is on the long run. Modern cloth diapering is much more practical, comfortable, fashionable and friendly to the mother nature than the disposable. Read more about Cloth Diapering.
I am a proud mom to have been cloth diapering my baby, knowing its benefits for my baby and the nature. Not many brands are available in the Indian market but small online retailers around try to bring the best of brands to the Indian market through their sites and Facebook page.
In this post, I shall list the available brands in the Indian market. In case if I have missed out any, do mail or reply in the post so I can add it for others to benefit from.
Disclosure: I have not received any compensation in exchange of writing this article. Article is based on my own experience in using the products. This post contains affiliate links, which means I get paid a small commission at no cost to you when you purchase the product through my links.indian cloth diaper good brands
  • Alva : Alva is the brand to go if you are looking for pocket diapers with many cute prints and economical price range for day time diapering.
  • Blueberry : An imported diaper from USA which costs more but has 10 layers of absorbency. The All in One pocket diaper has the soaker attached half way while the half comes through the pocket openings while wash. The extra stuffed will definitely provide heavy absorption.
  • Bumberry : They have diaper covers and pocket style diaper with inserts. They have many plain colours from bright to neutral colours and some attractive prints. Priced reasonably and good leak proof diapering for night-time with two natural bamboo inserts. The snaps are perfect to get the trim fit without looking bulky.
  • Bumgenius : These are one size cloth diaper, freetime and elemental. Freetime is easy to wear with no inserts just like the disposable diapers. Elemental is like freetime but has organic inner for baby's bum. It comes with velcro and snaps. Velcro is easy to use by anyone in preschool or elders at home, also for naughty babies who doesn't stay still for wearing diaper with snaps. The butterfly closure system gives a comfortable trim fit to babies. They provide small insert for newborn and big insert for growing babies. As babies grow the newborn insert can be used as extra soaker for better absorbency. 
  • Bumpadum: Bumpadum is an Indian brand which is very pocket friendly and having all the features of a best modern cloth diaper. Fits so trim, great absorbency, comfortable, best quality fabric, softness and attractive prints. AIO makes a good night time diaper for a heavy wetter. They also have pocket diaper. 
  • Charlie Banana: Have heard good reviews from friends abroad but not used it for my baby. Imported diaper can be pre ordered from local vendors.
  • Cloth Diaper Shop : They have CDS Marvy All in Two diaper and FAP 3.0 All in One diaper which has good trim fit, soft cotton and good absorbency. Makes a good night time diaper with its fluffy layers of bamboo and organic cotton. Suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
  • GroVia : One size diaper imported from USA. Comfortable and good fit. Available in bright colours. Easy to use, super absorbent and quick drying.
  • Happy Flute : They have many cute prints and embroidery pattern. Their All in One diaper is good for medium wetter. The fit has to be perfect for no leaks. Yet, another cute and comfortable brand with many options to choose from in Charcoal Bamboo type of diaper.
  • Naughty Baby : Soft, breathable, light weight and attractive prints in an economical price. You can prefer this for day time diapering. It does look trim and light weight for babies to be comfortable.
  • Peekaboo : They have covers, charcoal bamboo and pocket diapers. Lovely prints in affordable price range.
  • Super Bottoms: They have pocket diapers with double leak guards and All in One diaper with pocket for heavy absorbency. It has 8 layers of super absorbency. The bottoms are super for heavy wetting babies as they provide 3 levels of absorbency with the attached soaker, additional attachable soaker with snap and additional soaker to be inserted in pocket. The square tabs give a good fit. They have funky Indian prints which are very lovely. Good price range for heavy absorbency.
  • Smart Bottoms : Imported from USA, organic soft cotton with good fit and lovely designs. Costly but worth for the soft organic cotton.
These are the brands available in India. You can check each brand product review to know more.
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