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Best Board Books for Infants and Toddlers | List of Bestselling Books for Babies

Who doesn’t love books? Babies do love books!!! My love for books made me start collecting best books for my baby when I was pregnant. It took around two months for me to recover and spend some reading time with my baby. I didn’t understand if he liked what I was reading to him with actions. But the books soothed my crying baby and around six months I found he loved to see the attractive colorful pages over and over again. Then on my starter library collection for him was growing and I slowly picked up cues on what kind of books he loved. Sharing the best board books we found and loved reading through.

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I started the post as ” Babies love books”, but at this age what they might really love is their mother’s voice and actions while reading those big books to them. A voice, which is comforting and known to them from womb. Be it the voice or the attractive big colorful board books, now its their favorite pastime.
The list of best board books for babies and toddlers
Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?  by Karen Katz always cheered up my cranky baby. The attractive bright book with babies pictures catches baby’ attention. A very interactive book with cute illustrations which we can relate with the baby itself while reading the book. My baby gets excited to open the flap and see whats inside. They can relate the body parts with theirs as we relate to them while reading. A book that’s bright, big and colorful for babies to see and hear. The quality of the book is very good, though the flaps could have been a little thicker.
Baby Touch: Peekaboo by Ladybird is a big board book which has good number of sturdy pages with colourful images, textures to touch and feel, sparkling colours and patterns to catch the baby attention, and flaps to let the baby explore whats inside. A fun interactive book for babies and toddlers, babies can look and feel and as they grow the illustrations will be catchy to read and explore.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle is another classic which will keep your baby glued and enjoyable with the animal sounds as the spider build its beautiful web. The story begins when a spider is blown by wind and starts building a web on the fence post. Different animals ask spider a question, but the spider doesn’t answer anyone and keeps building the web to catch the pesty fly. The pictures are catchy and covers almost all the animals sound. The spider, fly and the web have a textured feeling which is easily recognizable by baby. When I read this book to boy while he was 7 months old, easily traced along the dotted silky thread of the spider.
Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boyton is a cute small board book which introduces farm animals and its sounds. I love the pictures which are funny especially the pigs, their LA LA LA dancing steps. Of course its funny for the parents to say the sounds though babies will be too young to understand the humor part of it. My baby smiles back as I make modulations with my voice, guess he can understand the humor from my funny face expressions and voice. Kids are brilliant, aren’t they?
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a classic and favourite among babies. The eaten holes in the each pages attracts the baby to probe in their tiny finger. The illustrations are very simple and catchy making it a must have picture board book for babies.
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd is a quite big, sturdy bedtime story board book which teaches the children to be wise and compassionate towards the object and people around them. It teaches the importance of saying Good Night before bedtime in a beautiful manner. The book is colorful with many objects found inside a room making it easier for kids to remember. Though the book is written for the children of age group 3 to 5 it can very well be introduced for babies to relate the things found around the home and that’s mentioned in the book. Like we could say Good Night to all the objects and people around baby’s home so baby could relate it too.
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is a brilliant lift-the-flap board book which introduces zoo animals in a smart and cute way to the kid. The book teaches that a Giraffe under the flap is tall and that the naughty monkey loves to eat banana. The book is quite big for the pictures giving importance to the animal in the white background. As babies grow older, they get excited and curious to know what’s behind the flap and develop the skill of lifting the flap in any direction as it is. Dear Baby, enjoy opening the flap to find your favorite animal!! 
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle is an engaging colourful animal book which introduces colours in a light and entertaining manner. Eric’s book always have an educational element in them which is told in a simple repetitive and entertaining manner. Another interactive book which is fun and entertaining with babies.
These are the books my babies loved to see and hear to again and again. What are your favourites at home? Do share in the comments below.
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