Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Pigeon Weaning Bottle With Spoon Review - Product Review

Experts suggests babies to be exclusively breast fed for 6 months after which you can start weaning off your baby. Some parents prefer to start giving semi solid foods from 4-6 months period due to less milk supply and other reasons. The transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is difficult for baby to adjust. The transition should be slow and gradual giving the baby comfort and time. Weaning bottles with spoon makes the process smooth as from purees to semi solid vegetable cereal can be given with it easily. Choosing the right weaning bottle is very important for baby to adapt and start taking food.Weaning bottles should be of good quality, comfortable to hold, free flowing of semi solids, easy to clean and sterilize. Weaning bottles are very handy during the first stage of baby weaning with semi solid foods.
Pigeon is a well known brand for baby products of high quality in reasonable price range. One product which I loved using for my lo is Pigeon Weaning Bottle. It comes in 240 ml and 120 ml. I would suggest to pick up 240 ml as the baby gradually starts to take more quantity of semi solids. The most comfort foods of my baby stage 1 weaning foods which I fed using this are Ragi Sweet Porridge, Ragi Milk Porridge, Apple Porridge, Pear Puree, Vegetable Rice Porridge and Ceralac.
What's in the pack?
  • Pigeon weaning bottle with cap
  • Weaning spoon
  • Small brush to clean spoon
babyAdditional Required?
  • The bottle is soft to squeeze semi solid liquid foods like homemade rice porridge, ragi porridge.
  • The flow of food can be easily controlled.
  • The weaning spoon is good for babies to consume liquids and semi solids.
  • The bottle is easy to clean and sterilize
  • Small brush given makes it easy to clean the passage hole of spoon where food particles might be stuck.
  • Bottle comes with measurements so easy to know how much quantity of feed is given to baby.
  • Easy to carry along while going outside as the spoon can be inverted and closed like a cap. Spoon doesn't get exposed out.
  • The spoon could have come with a over head cap to keep it closed when baby is half fed.
  • When the bottle is placed down or when you are making it to stand while baby is not taking feed, some of the liquid flows back to the spoon and spills down.
A plate can be kept down to avoid spillage on the floor while making the bottle stand. When the baby is not fussy and loves the food fed, in no minutes the feeding can be done with pigeon weaning bottle.
The bottle can be easily cleaned with a bottle brush, dried and sterilized. I used Philips Avent Bottle and Teat Brush but you can also buy from the same brand Pigeon Nylon Brush which comes with a small brush too.
Happy lill tummy, Happy mumma!!!

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