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Can my CAT preparation help me crack MAT?

Can I Score in MAT with CAT Preparation?

CAT or the Common Aptitude Test is directed by the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) for admission into MBA in one of the IIMs, which are considered as the best most B-schools in India. These IIMs have limited seats that is why competition is exceptionally tough. While MAT or the Management Aptitude Test is directed by the All India Management Association (AIMA) for admission into MBA or related programs in the second level B-schools of our nation

What are the Differences between CAT and MAT?

MAT is conducted four times in a year were as CAT is only once every year. Both the tests evaluate the potential of students by judging their mathematical, verbal and analytical writing skills. But CAT is much tougher to crack compared to MAT as difficulty level of questions is more in the former compared to latter. CAT exam pattern changes frequently, hence previous exam papers are less useful compared to MAT, where solving previous exam papers can help you to a larger extent.
CAT is completely a computer based test while in MAT both paper-pencil and computer-based formats are available. MAT is a formula based exam in which if one is familiar with the kind of questions which are asked scoring becomes easy. Whereas in CAT a candidate has to develop formulations and apply accordingly wherever required. Apart from this, the time pressure adds more to the difficulty of the CAT examination, in which if a candidate is able to answer 80% of questions it is considered to be a great attempt. While on the other hand time is certainly not that big a hurdle in cracking MAT.

But the similarity can be witnessed through MAT syllabus and CAT syllabus.

Let’s Discuss MAT Syllabus First

Below an overview of topics asked in MAT exam are mentioned:
Data Analysis and Sufficiency / Mathematical Skills

·         Geometry, (Lines, angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Cone etc)
·         Ratios and Proportion
·         Number system
·         Work and time
·         HCF & LCM
·         Algebra
·         Profit & Loss
·         In-equations Quadratic and linear equations
·         Geometric Progression
·         Percentages
·         Averages
·         Partnership (Accounts)
·         Time-Speed-Distance

Language Comprehension

·         Verbal ability is an important part of every MBA exam. Here are the core topics for MAT verbal section:
·         Verbal Reasoning
·         Syllogisms
·         Fill In the Blanks
·         Contextual usage
·         Analogies
·         Different usage of same word
·         Antonyms
·         Sentence completion
·         Jumbled paragraphs
·         Foreign language words used in English
·         Sentence correction
·         Idioms
·         One-word substitution

·         Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

·         Family tree
·         Strong Arguments and Weak Arguments
·         Multi-dimensional arrangements
·         Course of Action
·         Puzzles
·         Visual reasoning
·         Arrangement
·         Series
·         Numeric grid
·         Pie Chart
·         Blood Relations
·         Critical Reasoning
·         Calendars
·         Coding & Decoding
·         Syllogisms
·         Statement Conclusions
·         Column graphs
·         Graphs representing Area

Now Let’s Take a Look at CAT Syllabus

Below an overview of topics asked in CAT exam are mentioned:

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Ability
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

·         Caselets
·         Tables
·         Bar Graphs
·         Column Graphs
·         Line Charts
·         Venn Diagrams
·         Pie Chart
·         The combination of two or more types linked to each other.
·         Number and Letter Series
·         Calendars
·         Cubes
·         Clocks
·         Venn Diagrams
·         Binary Logic
·         Seating Arrangement
·         Syllogism
·         Logical Matching
·         Logical Sequence
·         Logical Connectives
·         Blood Relations
·         Number Systems
·         LCM and HCF
·         Profit, Loss, and Discount
·         Percentages
·         Speed, Time and Distance
·         Time and Work
·         Simple and Compound Interest
·         Ratio and Proportion
·         Averages
·         Quadratic Equations
·         Linear Equations
·         Complex Numbers
·         Logarithm
·         Binomial Theorem
·         Sequences and Series
·         Surds and Indices
·         Inequalities
·         Probability
·         Permutation and Combination
·         Set Theory
·         Functions
·         Geometry
·         Mixtures and Allegations
·         Trigonometry
·         Coordinate Geometry
·         Mensuration
·         Vocabulary Based (Synonyms Antonyms)
·         English Usage or Grammar
·         Sentence Correction
·         Fill in the blanks
·         Jumbled Paragraph
·         Close Passage
·         Analogies or Reverse Analogies
·         Meaning-Usage Match
·         Verbal Reasoning
·         Summary Questions
·         Reading Comprehension
·         Facts-Inferences-Judgements

Did you Notice Similarities??

There are many topics which are asked in both CAT and MAT exam. So, if a candidate has prepared for CAT at length and breadth. Qualifying MAT is comparatively easier than CAT because of the marking methodology and the level of questions asked.
The nature of questions asked in both exams is very different even if the topics are same. But many MAT toppers have confessed that their CAT preparation was sufficient to score well in MAT.
Factors which are responsible behind CAT aspirants scoring well in MAT:

1-    CAT and MAT both are aptitude tests to check management skills
2-    So, if you have prepared for CAT and have developed the mindset required to face questions. Solving MAT questions can be relatively easy because of being less difficult
3-    Sections covered in both CAT and MAT exam are quite similar
4-    Practice is a huge determinant, candidates who have practiced the topics thoroughly. Are now well equipped with basics of any topic. Also, it helps them in scoring as their speed and accuracy has already been improved.
5-    It is a fact that after attempting tough questions your brain becomes more capable of solving its easier variants.

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