Friday, 18 August 2017

5 different ways to make a delicious Pizza

Everyone likes Pizza. It is a universal fact. There is not a single soul in the world who does not like Pizza. When it comes to pizzas, there are a massive plethora of different options, styles and variations out there! Countless add–ons, permutations and combinations that you can have.

There is Veg styled pizzas as well as Non–Veg pizzas. But we know you are used to the common styles out there. There is the Neapolitan style pizza, the Sicilian preparation, the New Yorker style, the Deep Dish, Barbeque, or even the Philly Style pizza. And let us not forget the classic Margarita!

But these are boring now. Do you want to know different ways to prepare a pizza? A very unique way to make one which will blow all your friends away? Then here is a list of 5 superb ways you can prepare a pizza which is fresh, new and innovative above all! Let the Pizza Mania Begin!
Follow this and be the best pizza chef in your neighbourhood!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Indian Gifts Portal - Website Review

Hey all, today I am reviewing a website called IGP Indian Gifts Portal - One of the best online gifting stores for cakes, flowers and gifts. 

About IGP: is one of the largest online gifting company having flowers, cakes and unique gifts which can be personalized for gifting. They have wide range of collection in every category.