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5 different ways to make a delicious Pizza

Everyone likes Pizza. It is a universal fact. There is not a single soul in the world who does not like Pizza. When it comes to pizzas, there are a massive plethora of different options, styles and variations out there! Countless add–ons, permutations and combinations that you can have.

There is Veg styled pizzas as well as Non–Veg pizzas. But we know you are used to the common styles out there. There is the Neapolitan style pizza, the Sicilian preparation, the New Yorker style, the Deep Dish, Barbeque, or even the Philly Style pizza. And let us not forget the classic Margarita!

But these are boring now. Do you want to know different ways to prepare a pizza? A very unique way to make one which will blow all your friends away? Then here is a list of 5 superb ways you can prepare a pizza which is fresh, new and innovative above all! Let the Pizza Mania Begin!
Follow this and be the best pizza chef in your neighbourhood!

5 incredible ways to Prepare your Pizza
There are a lot of different variation to pizzas that you can experiment with. You can add different toppings, slice it up different ways instead of just a circle, you can make it a roll, or fuse it into another food item and you can even cook it differently… sign. The possibilities are endless!
And so, to make your life easier for you, we have selected 5 absolutely stunning ways to make your pizza the most delicious and refreshingly new one there is!
1.  Pizza in a Bite!
For the longest time, pizzas were usually paired with and served with small garlic balls or bread. This ingenuous way of preparing pizza mergers the two dishes into one, giving birth to this mega – delicious tiny balls of splendor and flavour! This dish can be served at parties, or small family gatherings, whichever suits your fancy.
The best part about this is the fact that it is not one large circular pizza with triangle slices, but instead it is made in the form of little rounded dumpling–style balls filled with cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and comes covered with a firm crusty layer of bread. This ensures that people can just easily pick it up and eat them without the hassle of cutting the pizza or getting messy.
Preparation: From start to finish this dish will take around 30 to 40 mins to prepare. You will need 20 mins to prepare it, and 20 mins of resting cook time in an oven. You start by first cutting the mozzarella up into small block pieces, chopping up the pepperoni (if you want to make it non–veg) and kneading the pizza dough. Once this is done, roll up the pizza do and mould it into a rectangle, and cut it down into around 24 pieces. In each slice of dough that you cut off, roll it up to form a smooth ball with your palms. After this, stuff a little bit of pepperoni and a sliced cube of cheese. Sprinkle some more parmesan cheese on top to coat it and put it in the oven for approximately 20 mins.

This dish can be served with a range of sauces and dressings as well, to bring out its flavour some more. Mustard, mayo, ketchup all seem to be red hot favourites to be served as garnish for this plate.
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2.  The Pizza Cake
Do you have someone’s birthday coming up? Then do not be boring! Do not get a plain old cake! Be a little more innovative!
Treat them with a Pizza Cake!
This delightful dish was first invented by the Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza. And since then has become a game changer!
A Pizza cake can be envisioned as a mixture of lasagna and a pizza moulded in to the shape of a cake. It has a thick outer crust made of any kind of bread that you like – Italian, whole wheat, Monterrey cheddar, honey oats etc.
The insides are filled with an assortment of 4 different scrumptious cheeses, some chicken pieces, pepperoni, and a range of sauces. Stick a candle on top and you are set.
Preparation: First get your pizza dough nice and well kneaded. Once that is done, you can place it in a small container in the shape of a mug or a cup. This is what will give it the shape of a small cupcake. Fill this pizza cup with melted cheese, your different meats and some sauces of your choice. Roll the top flat and put it in an oven for 20 mins. Once it is cooked well, sprinkle a few basil leaves on top and add a candle!

3.  Pizza Twisties
The best part of a pizza twisty is that it barely requires any ingredients as such to make. In fact, you can make a normal pizza, and with the leftovers you can make these pizza twisties! Because of its shape and design, you only need a little bit of dough, a spoonful or two of pizza sauce.
A pizza twisty is a form of new and improved bread stick. You have any form of topping you desire in this plate. The inside of the pizza bread stick is just pure cheese and sauce, with maybe small pieces of meat or paneer (if you are not non – veg).

Preparation: To make the dough of the pizza, you will need some yeast, sugar and warm water. Once the yeast starts to bubble add olive oil to the mixture. Add flour and some salt and you will get the perfect pizza dough for this dish. Make the sauce using an egg, some tomato paste, herbs and some garlic. Add the right amount of water to make your sauce viscous to the right amount. Separate the dough in to two distinct strips and put them together on top of each other in a criss – cross fashion. Cut them in to small 3 – 5 cm length strips and roll them horizontally to form the twisty shape. Drip a little of the pizza sauce on top of it for good measure as well and you have yourself a plate of amazing twisties!

4.  Pizza Croissant
This style of preparing a pizza showcases a neatly rolled up croissant stuffed to the top with pizza toppings, sauces and cheese… oh so much cheese!  

You can serve this plate at parties and family gatherings. This dish will help you flaunt a little, showing of your versatility in cooking and culinary aspects! You can serve some tangy sauces as a contrast to the sweetness of the tomato pizza sauce as well. This forms a spectacular blend in your mouth!
Preparation: Start of first by Mix together garlic, seasonings, pastasauce and pepperoni. Proceed to make a normal pizza, applying the toppings even across the bread pan base, with one exception – do not put any toppings in the middle part of the pizza. After this, slice the pizza up in to around 6 – 10 pieces each of 12 inches each (depending on the size of the bread base of the pizza. Then, starting from the edge, start tucking the pizza in towards the middle. Make sure the toppings do not squeeze out while you fold it! Let it be in the oven for around 30 to 40 mins so that they rise. Serve it hot and juicy and enjoy!

5.  Pizza French Fries
Do you like pizzas?
Do you like French Fries?
What if we put BOTH TOGETHER?
This is the potentially the best way to prepare a pizza differently! This variation has just combined the two most popular fast foods in the world and made it into one super delicious, mouth – watering dish.
In dish, foodies can find a normal Frenchfry entirely submerged in to a coating of pizza sauce, grilled cheese, ketchup and oregano flakes! The base of this dish is the fry itself but is stuffed as well as coated with layers of heavenly pizza – liciousness! Serve this dish to your friends, family and guests and we assure you they will be licking up their fingers and hungering for more.
Preparation: Use your normal pizza bread crust and spread it around with marinara. Add the toppings of multiple layers of different kinds of cheese, pepperoni, sausages and cubes of chicken. Brush on some Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese, and some Oregano and slice it in to long thin sticks. Get French fries and wrap them around with these sliced up pizza sticks. Heat them in an oven and you have treat worthy of the angels on your hands!
You can garnish this dish with some really interesting assortments of dips and condiments to bring out its zesty. We would recommend that you try this particular dish with an accompaniment of barbeque sauce. This makes it taste extremely appetizing!
Add–ons and Accompaniments:
Some wonderful add–ons for your pizza can be the different kinds of meat available. You can add multiple layers of cheese as well to make it heavier and more filling!
Moreover, if you want you can even add a varied range of dressing sauces on it as well. Some people even prefer to have toppings like pineapple on their pizzas; and while it is not a famous or popular choice, it can certainly bring out a very different taste to it.
And so, these were the 5 best variations to make a pizza differently. The normal styles are nice, but having them made in these unique ways brings about a flavour component of them than even we did not know exists!
With the help of the ingredients listed above you can craft your very own style of awesome pizza to stun your guests and impress your friends and family!

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