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How to Build an Empire with Digital Marketing Mastery

Are you wondering if digital marketing has so much power to build your own empire?

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If you a blogger, creator, or entrepreneur then you should read on to find the answers yourself. Digital marketing is a science that can be learned and applied effectively to gain benefits. If I can do it, so can you... 

Let's talk about the basics of digital marketing, the steps needed to put together digital marketing effectively, and what to learn to put the flow together which is going to create wealth. Doesn't it sound amazing? 

Digital Marketing has gained tremendous growth over the past few years and the current pandemic has forced even the traditional businesses to go online making digital marketing even more challenging. There is so much information floating around the internet making it so overwhelming on what to do, how to do, and where to start. Some people end up doing one thing like Facebook Ads Campaign or the other like only Email Marketing and complain that digital marketing is not productive or the ROI is very low. 

In reality, Digital Marketing is an artwork, which when connected together produces a beautiful piece of work. 

Let's start with understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing

Law of Marketing 

Marketing is to generate sales, build a customer base, and brand reach. We need to understand the target audience's needs, build a product to meet their needs, and keep giving them value so they keep coming back to us.  We should give them what they want and not what they will desire because the growth over that is slow but effective while the latter is temporary and not repeat. So its good to focus on one thing that the customer wants rather than providing the unwanted value which has no market. 

The effort that you put through generating a sale should be doubled to keep the customer who already has purchased your product through marketing. A good ad with attractive copy-writing gets good reach in an ads campaign and starts generating sales which in then creates a bigger market reach and visibility. 


Identify how you want to position your brand in the market. Find out the unique selling point which makes your brand stand apart from other brands. Work on that and develop a strong brand reflecting the values, quality, and service. 

Effective Communication

Be a voice to your customer's questions about your product even without them having to ask you the question first place. Keep the communication very clear so they know what they are looking for in your brand very clearly. Don't let them assume things about your product and end up underdelivering. 

Talk about the brand, the value, the efforts you put into creating the product, behind the scenes of work, and let them relate to your brand in all ways possible which ties them closely to your brand. 

"A Good Relationship Starts with a Good Communication"

Build relationships which last with your consumer to gain brand power.  

Global Economics

Always be informed on what's happening around the world to make informed decisions as global economics plays a vital role in the financial planning and development of the products. 

Direct Response Marketing 

We should know the results of a campaign that we run. The campaigns which we do not know the effectiveness are useless. The metrics are very important and we should know how to read them, suit them according to the budget and generate results.

Measurable results are important for business sustainability and growth. 

Now coming to the part on the areas that you need to master to build your empire, 

The CATT Marketing Funnel 

Build your Empire = Wealth = n ^ CATT

n stands for Niche, you need to find the niche in which you are knowledgeable, passionate, and is in growing demand. The niche you position yourself is very important, it's the base from which you are building the blocks. The niche should be well researched, structured, and unique. 

The guideline to get niche selection is keeping in the mind the three important factors, 

  1. The niche selected should have a potential target audience
  2. You should have an innate passion and love for the niche
  3. There should be a good market for the niche.

When all the three are combined, a powerful niche is born which is going to take you through wealth creation. Once the niche is decided, you need to work on the CONTENT which forms the C.

C stands for Content, creating meaningful and useful content for the target audience. The quality of the content is very important, so work on the article with all the information you would look for in a good article. An article should kindle the interest of the reader and he/she should also start reading the other articles associated with the blog. Give content for them to consume in all ways. Explore Blog Posts, Video Contents, Awareness Polls, and others in which the Target Audience will engage with you and your niche. 

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A stands for Attention, how will your target audience knows about your great content, you should start driving the right audience traffic to the content so they can engage and consume information. We should use SEO, Paid Facebook ADs, or through Social Media Channels like Instagram. Constantly work on gaining attention through all mediums in different ways. There is no one thing as the best medium, keep exploring and learning innovative ways to impress your target audience. 

T stands for Trust, builds trust with your end users through your actions, marketing automation, retargeting them, providing value, and sharing other's reviews. Most importantly, keeping your listening ears open and delivering what they seek for in your brand. 

T stands for Transaction, the ultimate one which makes the sale by convincing and building trust with the customer through a sale. 

The golden steps to follow to create wealth, so each step, in turn, is a series of other important steps. The entire loop has to be on fire to generate the desired outcome. 

Integrated Digital Marketing is a powerful machine that is integrated with all the right marketing tools, and running together to produce results. One cant is effective without the support of the other, to make the entire machine run efficiently you should make sure that each of the parts, in turn, is running effectively. Start by setting up one thing at a time and then see it all runs together. 


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Let's talk about Personal Branding and its importance, a business has to have a face with which people can resonate with, so the brand gets registered in their mind. The personal touch to the business becomes important, which influences people and builds trust around the brand. The customers get to a point where they buy new products without even having to do Hard Marketing as a Personal Branding is Deep. 

Look at the MassTrust Blueprint, Once you create a startup, keep learning and implementing the learned skills in your work, only when you put the learned things in practice you get a good understanding of how it works, you can improvise, and gain authority in the process. Start writing about your experiences, work challenges, and how you gained authority over it. People reading about your work are influenced, who would look into getting consulted with you. Over a period of time, you can start consulting many people by mentoring them. 


                                                                   Source: Digital Deepak

From my marketing experience, even I was one among those trying to excel while focusing on only one part of marketing. For example, I was generating good traffic by running paid Facebook ad campaigns, while the captured target audience was not retargeted via email marketing or any communication to build trust and convert them to customers. So what was actually happening here was the efforts of marketing was one way and costing more without having long term results. 

It's when I learned after joining the Digital Deepak Internship, the right structure for effective digital marketing which has so much potential for growth. Currently, I am Slowly and steadily skyrocketing my digital marketing game. Now I am sure you will want to check the internship program out, here is the link to apply  if you want to get inside the program. This is to every person out there, who dreams big and is all ready for the hustle in digital marketing. 

" Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want"

                                                                                                 -Ken Poirot 

It's now your time to build the Empire:) Are you ready to master digital marketing? Do let me know your struggles and challenges in the comments. 

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