About Me

Hey there, I am Ree, An energetic outgoing girl, with an engineering and management background and a few years of experience in the finance field, the kitchen is the last place that I thought I would enjoy being in.

I am a total foodie at heart, which is hardly a surprise, coming from a family which owns a restaurant and a mom who is to me -  'the best cook in the world'!! trust me - I never lie about food;)

But as all girls my age, I never stepped into the kitchen (atleast not to cook:P), until my D-Day. My adventures in the world of cooking started only after my marriage. What started out as a necessity and then a hobby, it has now become my passion.

Although I have just started exploring this art, I felt the impulse to share these with a larger audience - and so here I am! ​Thanks to the patient support of my husband who went through the trial and error process of all my recipes (poor him!):)

Raised in the southern part of India famous for the Chettinad cuisine with its bold and fiery flavours, it's a big influence on my cooking. But also having travelled quite a bit and having been away from home a lot, I am always looking to try different cuisines and infuse all of those exciting different flavours in my cooking as well. I have recently started baking too and I love it so much - there's no stopping me now:)!!!

I am still an amateur cook and by no means an expert, but what I share on this blog are well tried and tested recipes that comes to you all with a lot of love and warmth:)

So try them and do let me know if you like it. I am always open to constructive criticism. You can contact me via - reekasirajh@gmail.com (Or) Contact form (Or) Facebook

Happy Cooking N  Baking!!!
Thanks for being here at "Delectable Flavours" Seasoned with love!!!

All photos, and content here are clicked and edited by Rees ShutterPix. If anyone wishes to use the photos or contents, please get prior permission from the author and then use it. If found stealing will be strictly penalized


  1. good to know about u Ree :)

  2. em from engineering and management background too :) and never stepped into kitchen before lolz .. nice meeting you ree

    1. Thanks Monu:) Great knowing about you too..!!!

  3. first time here.. nice to know about you Ree

  4. You have got a nice blog, keep up your good work.

  5. Nice website Ree.. I love it as a whole.. Waiting to see more and more recipes..


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